Thursday, August 6, 2015



Talent is an exceptional gift that each one of us is blessed with in some form. The challenge is identifying with that specific talent and doing something with it instead of allowing it to sit dormant.  Unfortunately, there are millions of us on the planet that are extremely talented in something but refuse to do anything with it or have not connected to it. So it’s a great thing when we have made that connection and understand that we must put in the work to hone the gift.   

    What does that mean? That means you will do everything in your power and being to further develop your gift and creative journey so that it’s tight. These days what we all see so much in our internet age is that people spend more time marketing the talent instead of actually working on their craft. Everything has to be nurtured so that it can cultivate to new levels. The neglect and failure to do so only destroys the potential of the gift which is what separates mediocre from greatness. Those that choose to exercise that complacent method day in and day out will see their skill set remain at one level and never improve. Again, we are all talented and keep in mind that there are those that are constantly working on their craft. If you’re not working on yours, you are just stacking the odds against you!