Monday, December 2, 2013



Entrepreneurship will certainly strengthen your personal life and the overall economy. Just look at what Steve Jobs was able to execute with Apple and how his company strengthened the country’s economy. Your vision can do the same. It can only happen if you are doing things right. I am a strong advocate for the entrepreneur that’s hustling to bring their dreams and vision to fruition…… because if you win, we all win. BUT it’s crucial that we grasp and understand that a business can only be effective by doing things the right way and not being sloppy, inadequate, incompetent and unprofessional. It is mandatory that you possess standards, practices and are adhering to protocols that will be conducive to the goal of being effective. There are many ways to achieve those accomplishments if you are willing to invest the time and energy. However, most of us don’t take the time to educate ourselves so that we can be effective and successful in our endeavors……….which is why, Business doesn’t always mean Business.

If there are improper business approaches and practices, it will only lead to unfavorable results. The cause will stem from the neglect to empower yourself through information, guidance and being a sponge of your experiences. Widely, an excessive amount of entrepreneurs fail due to the lack of being proactive in gaining a general understanding of business. Again, it’s a must that you invest the time to gain as much information as you can and also learn from the mistakes of others. I have always stood firm in my belief that there are two people in business; one that’s actually doing business and the other that’s pretending to do business. You are doing "real" business when you have done what is required to construct a sound outline and understanding that’s being executed.  If you are “really” about your business…… will do the things that will make your business effective. I’m going to give you a few pointers that will give you a foundation;

·         Incorporating your Company.

·         Business Plan and Goals.

·         Structure and Infrastructure of your business.

·         Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, Business Licenses.

The above pointers are some key things on the surface that you should take into consideration if you have plans on starting a business. If you haven’t taken these steps and consider yourself doing business, you’re headed in the wrong direction. Get your business foundation together so that you don’t look incompetent to those that may have any interest in doing business with you.  In doing business effectively, I implore that you work hard to attain an understanding of what it entails so that your business can make sense and be respected! 

Monday, October 14, 2013



Things are not going your way as frustration grows……it is met with a fight to gain clarity. What’s the reason? Well, life has a way of forcing us to pay attention and think and the only way to get your attention is to throw some challenges in your direction. We don’t realize during the fury of these challenges that we are actually being brought to a conclusive state of peace and resolve. Gathering this much needed lesson will only define that understanding. So stop asking……What did I do to deserve this?  Be thankful that you have been chosen to go through something. It’s often said that “You have to go through something to get through something.” Most of us will still question it all because we have this false sense of entitlement and believe we should just receive without any friction, any hardships or challenges. In no way does life work that way. We should all be the recipients of blessings but don’t get consumed into believing that there’s guarantees set aside for you. There’s one thing that most of us refuse to accept and that’s where we become our biggest detractors to ourselves by not ……….being honest with ourselves.

Being honest requires becoming vulnerable from within and not being self-biased. One must build the courage to face your choices and decisions head on so are you willing to man up? That inner-reflection will only bring forth a truth that you need for your overall clarity which is exactly what you need to move forward. By us dissecting ourselves it makes us accountable. We are achieving balance that most want but refuse to take the necessary steps to attain it. This will eradicate the negative stance of just pointing fingers and blaming someone else for the position that we currently stand in. It will always be easy to do that instead of working on being bigger and better in our holistic approaches. How can we live without having integrity to ourselves? We can’t.   Again, it’s about accepting the ramifications of what we felt at one time was the right decision and choice.  All of us should constantly be under construction by working to be better and more. By making the necessary strides to improve our circumstances we must first identify with what is versus what should be.  

I want to leave you with a few thoughts ………

Are we working to maximize our potential as a person, friend, relative, parent or spouse? Have you learned from your past without becoming a prisoner of the past? Do you accomplish your goals you set and not start something that you never finish? Do you have expectations of others that you don’t have for yourself?  In answering those questions, you have to be honest. Don’t waste time chasing your tail by failing to look in that mirror because you fear facing YOUR truth. Nothing will change if you’re not willing to change your perspective!




Tuesday, August 13, 2013



 Most of the time, the right thing to do is what the majority will refuse to do. The main reason for that is because people are so conditioned to going in the direction that is mos...t commonly used. Followers follow out of fear of being perceived a certain way. The last thing they want is to be seen as someone with a mind of their own. With jails and cemeteries winning the fight, there are those that would’ve been here today had they not been too concerned about what others thought about them. It usually takes us going through something catastrophic to realize how much thinking a different way can save us from what can cost us later. It’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s about making a judgment call and walking away from what may be the foreseeable, had you stayed in the situation. It only takes a split second for a lifetime to pay for the moment—the difference between being here today and being here tomorrow.

As we all know, jails represent the darkness of society as statistics are sensationalized and families are damaged…there are no wins. As jails are filled to capacity and new money is used to construct more, there are many mistakes being made, every minute leading to them. The potential of many minds is lost. For many years to come, this redundant cycle is repeated. You have those that never make adjustments back into society and remain institutionalized—operating better while incarcerated. All in all, that is no place to be which is why there is no justification in making confinement seem as if it’s real. Not only did the plan not work but both the victims of crimes and people that commit them leave behind families that have to proceed without them. If only we were losing people to more respectable and productive means like colleges and professions. For example, Black men in America are going to jail more than they are enrolling in college. If jails were colleges, we would dominate the educational sector with such a diligence that scholars would be produced by astronomical numbers.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013



We are all chasing power and the acquisition of power gives us all the possibility of our desires being fulfilled.   Having power places us at a vantage point to manipulate and also create opportunities for ourselves. Some of us understand how to use what we possess to gain power. So are you wrong for using what you have to get what you want? Some of us may answer that question with “as long as it is within means.” Don’t you use your skill set, credentials and experience each time you’re applying for a job? Aren’t those things taken into consideration when that person on the other side of the table is interviewing you?  Let’s look at how the physical attributes of a woman can create and enhance her potential of gaining power.  For certain, her attractiveness and appeal can create opportunities for her and one asset if she’s equipped with it that will definitely give her power is……. the booty.  Is she wrong for using it? Whether she has one or not, every single woman on this planet knows that there’s power in the booty.  With that understanding if she doesn’t naturally have one, you better believe she’s working to purchase one. We are now living in a time of cosmetic surgery and augmentation so the booty is no longer a Black Woman thing but has become a universal thing. So that has placed other races and ethnicities in the race for who has the better booty.  Fake OR not….. Booty is power because it intrigues, controls, dictates and rules.  Booty is also EQUITY.
The physique of a woman has always been an important factor for BOTH a man and women. Men have always chosen to invest in what she physically possesses way before her other qualities. In turn, women have always in their subconscious state used their sexuality to garner leverage. As shallow as it may sound this is so real and you would have to be crazy not to understand the science of it all. It’s no secret that most humans are flesh-driven and choose to immediately invest in what they see on the surface which is why the booty will always be powerful. Whether naturally or cosmetically acquired, the booty will always command attention and open doors…..literally. Does she want the doors to open based on her physical possessions or what she can honestly bring to the table with other variables?  i.e.; wit, intelligence, accomplishments, accolades, credentials. Those of you that have the booty are probably doing everything in your power to gain power. With each step, you’re using it to get you something that you desire or lack by making it work for you in some kind of way.  Just keep in mind if that booty opens a door, you may have possibly diminished the other components you have to offer. Use what you have to get what you want as long as it is within means and not compromising what you truly represent!

Sunday, July 14, 2013



These are my views as a Black Man, Father and Civilian that I will be honest in sharing in this passage. I have sat back and taken in the many different stances that have been taken in light of this very unfortunate occurrence. I want to extend my heartfelt prayers and condolences to the Martin family as they deal with this very sad outcome. Each of us has been touched by the murder of Trayvon Martin and the verdict that ensued. It could have easily been your son or relative placed in that very same situation which is a very real and actual testament of the times we live in. We can voice that the result of this trial was unfair and no justice was served which may very well be the case but moving toward a solution is imperative. We need to wake up.   But let’s be clear that the STIGMAS surrounding the Black Male is what substantially shaped the outcome of this trial. The magnitudes of these stigmas that are attached to the Black Male have dictated so much in the lives of each colored individual.
We can choose to ignore the obvious but the reality is we have become spoken for before we can even say a word in our defense.  Any Black Male will be subjected and scrutinized on these stigmas that continue to be affirmed based on the actions that support them. There is no benefit of the doubt or fair judgment being exercised. The judicial system is a playing field for these stigmas to be used against any Black defendant, easily defeating the mantra of “innocent until proven guilty.”  Each day he is forced to accept the repercussions of these stigmas by being profiled; to the extent of driving a car, shopping in a store or simply walking down a street. You would have to be a complete fool to not take this fact into consideration if you’re a Black Man living in America. We are perceived and judged by what has already been pre-set in the minds of everyone that is non-black. Unfortunately, the benefit of the doubt is just not something that we are obliged to receive.


Society views the Black Male as a violent source because we have lessened our expressions in the form of violence. In our own elements we kill one another over things that are not worth taking it to that extent, appearing to have no respect for the life of another and even our own. Based on the history of how we treat one another, it’s interpreted that we are all physical, non-loving, uncivilized beings that kill one another for no reason. The constant embrace of ignorance, violence and mischief in our communities or backyards so to speak don’t help the perceptions of those outside of the Black Race. The outcome of this conduct is rooted to a normalcy that we have chosen to embed in our mindsets and practices. Using hate and shunning love plays a very integral and damaging piece to this puzzle.  That hate that’s constantly spewed is why we choose to destroy one another for petty reasons but we want everyone else to respect us.

Let’s not wait for something to happen and then act like we want it to stop when we are not being pro-active to begin with. Problems can be reduced by taking a pro-active approach which is something we fail to grasp. Being motivated in a different way will be conducive to the changes we desperately need. I think as parents, we need to teach our children that these stigmas are prevalent and show them how to deal with them. We are only curtailing the truth and what’s a part of the reality we are faced with each day by acting as if these things aren’t there. For example, Black Men are profiled period. It does matter what you wear, drive and the times you are out in public that can very well dictate your destiny. If we choose to act as if this is not the world we live in, we are only doing a disservice to our own understanding and safety. Having a pro-active stance eliminates possibilities. Why are we people that only react instead of creating solutions before they become problems? Then when we are spanked with these incidents that force our hand there are temporary outcries filled with rage, resentment and emotionally charged acts up that only last until the smoke clears.  

All along, we are more than equipped to deter things from happening by taking the necessary steps that will promote a difference. We can accomplish more by doing better. Seeing where we can work on what has become a factor in what only transforms into the regressive nature that we carry from one incident to the next. Must I also remind you that we are the same people that sensationalize the people that destroy our communities by making them martyrs. We are the same people that fail to rally for the things that can uplift and empower us a whole but come together and form consortiums of negativity.  Again, wake up. Once people close their doors they are less inclined to be concerned about what goes on outside of it until it directly hits home. As a parent, this has provoked a lot of concern. A concern where you can’t teach your children to not be a victim of violence solely based on the color of their skin.


How many of us are going to rally for the presence of LOVE? We must demonstrate that we can love and co-exist with one another without using violence as the answer. Deplete these stigmas so that our future children are given the opportunity to prove themselves without being judged. We can blame the judicial system for failing us of justice but does that deplete the fact that we are a very troubled race WITHIN? Can we continue to have no regard for the life of our own and expect others too? Black on Black crime is just as prevalent today as it was thirty-years ago. If we continue to lose our youth, wouldn’t it be safe to say that the Black adult will become endangered species?  Where will the wisdom come from? Who will the mentors mentor? We must work on changing how we treat one another in order to make changes. Sadly, the lack of love has created a culture, trait and characteristic to bring bodily and gravely harm in a split second to one another. We must wake up!


Friday, June 28, 2013


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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Dear Youth,

I have been very moved to write to you all because of the influx of violence......... just this past weekend in New York City alone there were six murders out of twenty-six shootings. That’s a mere reflection of the violent decisions that are being made to handle disagreements, misunderstandings, envy, jealousy and all issues. It’s become evident that violent measures are continuously outweighing rationale approaches. We all know someone that has died at the hands of gun violence. Hearing the news on these recent incidents it’s just awful because there are families being ripped apart with scars that will never heal. You can’t replace a life once it’s gone. If this unacceptable madness continues the youth will become endangered species. Will we continue this endemic and disrespect for human life and continue to kill one another?  When will it stop? How many people we have to lose every weekend?  I share my voice with you as a concerned parent, human, and Black Man that’s from the very same element that these violent expressions play out in—the urban environment.  Sadly, seeing this in the present quickly brings me back to the crack era that I grew up in where bloodshed was typical. Having experienced my fair share of turmoil and mayhem at the time was indescribable. To be honest, I’m still traumatized by the many different things I have embedded in my memory of those times. Forced to hear gunshots and seeing many lives lost was just a normal occurrence. Seeing enough of it to desensitize you where you sort of knew what to expect.   I am very appreciative to have survived those dismal conditions of the inner-city or the jungle (so to speak) because so many weren’t able to do so. In a perfect world, we should all be able to reside in a civilized setting and not fear for our lives each time we leave our homes. How about not facing the possibility of being a victim of gun violence and placed at the mercy of someone that has no regard for the life of others…... based on how they feel that day.  We all think about what goes through the mind of a person that can savagely take the life of another human and not feel any remorse for doing so.

As parents, we are producing children right along with characteristics and traits of violence at the same time. By not teaching them through example we are only forcing them to learn from the pressures of the environment.  They go out into the world and learn from the angry and frustrated people that have no idea how to channel their emotions—those that will take all of those emotions out on someone that has nothing to do with it. We all know that problems do not discriminate whether you are young or old. Unfortunately, violence has become the chosen form of expression because we don’t know how to communicate and resolve our indifferences with one another.  I also believe that these acts of violence stem from a deep-rooted hate for one another that has become an instinct and natural reaction. So how are we going to tackle this problem and reach a solution?  First, we can only destroy this mindset by proving that there are other alternatives to approaching a problem, feeding your ego and garnering attention instead of resorting to violence.  The mission is about taking that split second of irrationality away and not making it something that will forever alter the lives of everyone involved.  Directly or indirectly, we are all affected in some way which is why it’s important that we learn from these incidents so that we diminish the reality of losing our boys and men early in their lives. We will never know what potential of greatness is being taken from our universe all because someone feels they have the right to take the life of another. My heart and prayers go out to every family that has had to face the unfortunate incident of violence. You are all very meaningful and significant and play an integral part to our tomorrow, I thank you all that have taken the time to read this post and let’s be people of change!
                                                                AL KING

Tuesday, February 26, 2013



We face some adversity and the first thing we say to ourselves is ……. Why Me? Well, let me tell you something that you need to hear. First, do you say why me when things are going your way? I highly doubt it. In a very interesting way we are specifically chosen for each battle and it’s never one that we can’t overcome. We are taken for a ride where we may even be stripped of everything that we have, getting all the way to our very low. That happens because GOD requires your undivided attention and wants you to have no distractions as he converses to you through the experience. He knows that he must shake your entire world up to get your attention, taking away even some of the essentials that you need but will never leave you with nothing. In the end, you will thank him for being sacrificed and used as an example that will help others as you thicken your testimony and champion your feat. This process has nothing to do with karma but purpose. It’s very important to recognize that we must be refined in order to realize both our plight and purpose. Personally, it had taken me some time to accept that some of the things that had been thrown at me were divinely orchestrated just for me to attain the hard lesson.

Days and nights, I would sit and wallow in my reality and ask that same question because my circumstances seemed unfair and unjust. It wasn’t until I begin to face and accept the choices and decisions that I made that I begin to see the reason behind it all. We refuse to be accountable and responsible for our today and tomorrow based on what we did yesterday and for every action there is a reaction. We can’t get somewhere without going through something in the form of humility to reach the destination. That somewhere is a significant piece of our ultimate purpose. Do you really think that anything that’s worth having and honoring will come without some form of turbulence? Most of us want everything to come our way without any bumps in the road, smooth sailing where we just ride off into the sunset.  It’s not until life intervenes and forces us to appreciate our simplest blessings that we get it. Once we have gotten through it all I can assure you it will feel like we never went through it. I know that many of you may be enduring something that has you wanting to give up but I implore that you continue to push in order to get through it. Remember, all you need is a teardrop of faith to get through anything. The impossible is always a step away from being possible!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013



Happy New Year!

We should all be appreciative and grateful for being granted a new start full of potential to receive an abundance of new blessings. This is an opportunity to reset and grow from what you have learned from the previous year.  Whatever the challenges you were given, take the lessons and be thankful for your newly acquired wisdom. Take the bad and understand it could have been worse. You also have an incentive to make things better because you have grown in perspective and experience. A better understanding, a stronger perspective. Everything that we look to get accomplished is possible when we are healthy and optimistic in our mindset. You can’t expect anything to transpire positive if you are already thinking negatively. One thing I have observed over and over is how most of us approach a new year with the mindset of elimination.

 With this immense aggression we begin to deplete people out of our lives by changing numbers and ignoring calls. Any means of carrying this out is done. I personally don’t take this approach but to each his own. The thing about that is that the challenge and problem is usually not those you deal with but it lies in you. People will eliminate others and replace them with the SAME type of person. Instead of carrying out this act of rash elimination they should have sat down and conducted a self-analysis. We often out-rule the possibility of the problem being right within our own person.  We resort to diverting the blame on others and carry a delusional state that we had no part in our own circumstances. Truthfully, we have made choices and decisions that have created a reality that we are left to accept and correct or allow to become our forever. 

You may be reading and saying what does this have to do with New Blessings? Well, you can block your own blessings by not being in a healthy space of your own. How can you accept a blessing if you are not able to accept yourself? It requires a lot to be centered, humble and mature enough to decipher and receive a blessing which is why our own self-investment is crucial.  When we have built up our own person we are fully capable of identifying, receiving and doing the right things with the blessing. If not, we may not even see it or be waiting for it, to come to us. You can be patiently waiting for that blessing that’s actually waiting for you to COME and GET IT. It may be right in front of you and you have chosen to ignore it because your deciphering is off and you are so cloudy that it has totally taken your judgment somewhere else. If you have ignored or not identified with your blessings just don’t feel slighted because they were passed on to someone that has done what you didn’t. So do everything in your power to be focused so that you do the right thing with your blessings.

POSITIONING is everything. I strongly believe that you must position yourself in order to receive blessings. Here are few things that will aid in that positioning; 

·        Place GOD FIRST.

·        Be Righteous.

·        Be Receptive.

·        Be Respectful.

·        Invest in the things that promote your growth and healthiness; spiritually, mentally, financially and holistically.

Keep in mind that if something is not helping you, I can assure you that it’s hurting you. I extend my sincerest blessings to you and hope that you attain all of what you desire all within means. Go out and have a great year full of prosperity ……. Be Bold and Be Blessed!