Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Think INSIDE the Box"


There are very few of us that feel we're NOT thinking outside of the box. The Box...... as it is referred to as,  it's believed to be a representation of what is expected from everyone—the mere standard.  Now, going outside of the box is intended to clarify that one has gone in the opposite direction of everyone else. Again, most of us are under the notion that we are doing just that. In some cases, it's happening while most of us are too lazy to generate new energy and emotions by bringing something that is to the left. I've given this plenty of thought and have grown to realize that we need to kill the noise on the cliché and......THINK INSIDE THE BOX. I say that because thinking outside of that same box is not getting us too far. It should be in our goals to find ways to be effective in our differences, that way we are not neglecting the viability in growth. Remember, innovation is imperative.

The blame stems from people sitting back and watching what works for someone else and attempts to emulate their entire path, method and approach. Contrary to belief, what works for your neighbor doesn't mean it will work for you. More than anything, the time is NOW to bring forth what will raise the BAR. I think you would agree that ineffective methods have widely affected us in just about every facet of our general lives from art to our country's economy. Somewhere along the way we have forgotten that being exceptional is doing what others are not willing to do—stepping out of comfort into discomfort. With everyone thinking along the same lines we have been forced to digest what has become the "same ole same ole". This is a not a knock at what each of us has taken the time to generate in our creation’s; we just need a different approach without excluding innovation in the process. In closing, as much as we all differ, we find ample ways to be the same.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

"There's a MARKET for Everyone..... You just have to find it."


  With finding your significant other it's often said that there is someone for everyone. If we were to apply that same theory to business, there's a MARKET for everyone...... you just have to find it.  I can assure you that anyone that has assembled an idea and vision that they're looking to execute, attached to it were the words "I know there's a market out there for me." This is true but the question is…… are you going to find it?  Well, if this is any consolation, we have an entire planet full of billions of people that are looking to embrace something new. It certainly poses a challenge in determining how you will link your product with a market that has yet to be discovered.

First, what I believe will help you in finding your market is having INTEGRITY behind what you intend on putting in the hands of others. Ask yourself—is this product an honest expression of both ME and my TALENTS. Secondly, why am I doing this? The answers to these questions will begin to create a collage of purpose that others can then connect and identify with. As a result, that connection will enable you to carve a niche in what you're doing—it is then that you will realize that you have found your market. Lastly, we all desire success but we very seldom take the time to understand why we want it and how will we reach others to obtain it. Remember, we all differ in preference which is why there's a market for everyone!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Different TIMES call for Different MEASURES....the safety of your CHILD" on LET IT BE KNOWN LIVE RADIO


 On our latest segment of LET IT BEKNOWN LIVE RADIO we discussed some of the perils surrounding our children and the preventive measures along with systems we need in place to protect them. As Parents, we generally go into each day not expecting the unexpected believing that things can happen to someone else and not us. We allow our children to have certain responsibilities that are contributed by economic hardships or the lack of resources—this is reason why there are so many "Latch Key" Kids. Each day, these children go home from school alone with the parent praying for their daily safety. They are then left unsupervised until a parent makes it home from their day of work. As soon as something catastrophic happens in society it causes us to react, think and revamp the systems we have in place. Listen to our radio discussion on this hot topic...........

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"I Love Him/Her BUT My Family Hates Them"

Last night on "LET IT BE KNOWN LIVE" RADIO we discussed the odd dynamic of being in a relationship and your spouse's family doesn't like you. Without realizing, we set a tone at the beginning of a relationship when we bring our significant other around family looking for their validation. Everything is all good if everyone likes them BUT there's only an issue when that feedback is not in their favor. One thing that can be a detriment to your relationship is sharing negative information about your spouse to your family.  Over time, we have turned them against our spouse without even realizing it.

Listen back to the show and enjoy:

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Don't Allow COMPLACENCY to Win"


  As you continue to swim in a state of oblivion, everything around you is moving while your personal world has come to a halt. Welcome to the dismal world of Complacency where one has allowed life to stand still and possibly pass them by. Reaching this point is provoked by circumstances, challenges and adversity. How we face up to them quickly determines the overall outcome. Let me give you a few for your thoughts...... a lost of a job, the demise of a long-term relationship or the lost of drive and motivation by rejecting life and accepting DEFEAT. There is now an interpretation of stagnation as being an alternative to living which is not the case. This cop out to accept things for how they have fallen is an easy way out. As excuses are made, the solution is neglected.

Whatever it is that brought to this space it is now time to find your way out of this predicament. You can remain in this position without any resistance or you can man/woman up. We tend to harp on the problem, cry over spilled milk only because complaining gives you some form of gratification. It is often said.... "If you don't like where you are in your life, you must change it." The cure is  INSPIRATION............ seeking out what will feed your spirit. There is peace in knowing that the things you come in direct contact with will only promote your wellness. It would even be wise to change your element, get into a different zip code and change habitats. Go outside of what you have been conditioned to and gain some discomfort. Get around some new people with different voices because being around the same will not spark new energy but instead old emotions. Before you know it you'll begin to feel the world move with you as you come out of that shell of dismay, making way for a rebirth of new positive perspectives.

Re-evaluate, Reset and Revamp!

Thursday, July 7, 2011



Across the country,  we are dealing with a wide rash of senseless violence that is plaguing our cities among the youth. Statistically, at an alarming rate there are fifteen teens that are killed daily by another teen. Another issue is that there are 750,000 teens that end up in emergency rooms due to violence related injuries. With this ongoing issue, lives are lost and families are forever damaged. Society is then left to face the perils that these heinous acts bring resulting in the unnecessary loss of life. In doing this research on teen violence, it was very disturbing to find that in the African-American community homicides are the leading cause of death among teens. The reality of it all is that we have a huge problem, one that can't be ignored but must be combated. We need solutions, beginning with adults and parents creating positive templates for the youth to follow.

This show topic garnered alot of listeners and interesting callers that chimed in and provided their colorful input.....Listen here:

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


On Wednesday, July 27th we were pleased to have the talented Author Dawn for "Voice of the Author" on Let it Be Known Live RADIO to discuss her debut novel "Everything I Miss at Home". Listen here to the podcast of the Interview:

About the Book

"Everything I Miss At Home" is a sexy and dramatic thrill ride of a novel that's emotional highs and lows read like a roller coaster ride. Karma, lust, ambition, greed, and life collide as fading athlete Nikki Brown, her corporate upstart girlfriend Erin Powell, and Erin's sexy assistant Devyn McAllister play winner take all with each other's lives. The debut novel from author Dawn is a deliciously addictive narrative that feels like a dark fantasy solidly in touch with real life. Dawn effortlessly directs Everything I Miss At Home from the boardroom, to the bedroom, and to the streets crafting a suspenseful, salacious, and soul stirring look at love and life through the character's eyes.

About the Author

Dawn is a pop culture journalist and author. Her edgy writing style and fearless insight cook up a sweet and spicy mix of food for thought that is distinct and satisfying. Dawn often pulls from real life experience as well being an avid reader, listener,lover of music, and traveler who pulls from reality to create thought provoking and tongue in cheek entertainment that challenges readers to examine their own behavior and lives. Witty with a wicked sense of humor and a colorful view on life, love, and relationships, Dawn is eager to share Everything I Miss At Home with the reader's of the universe. As a self published author, Dawn embodies the entrepreneurial and motivational spirit that also inspires and shows the attainability of personal dreams and goals.

"Everything I Miss at Home" is available at: 
and local Bookstores

Note from the publisher of post: 

"Voice of the Author" is a segment of "Let it Be Known Live" Radio which showcases Authors and their projects every last Wednesday of the month. If you are interested in being interviewed on the show, email with request.