Thursday, August 25, 2011


On our latest segment of "Let it Be Known Live" RADIO.........We welcomed our Guest and Author Dalton Montgomery to discuss his book "Disenfranchised Dads". Providing us with an abundance of information regarding the laws of Child Support and his perspective on it being an oppressive system. Expounding on how some men become victims of the system it did provoke some listeners to call in with their own experiences. Mr. Montgomery continued to share some hefty statistics on how many are paying child support and the ramifications surrounding the touchy topic........ Listen here to the podcast of the show:

You can purchase your copy of "Disenfranchised Dads" here at a Special Promotional Price: e-book $2.99 and Paperback $9.99

Tuesday, August 23, 2011



With each day granted we sometimes need to be reminded of some of things that we often overlook.  I wanted to share my quick thoughts on Relationships and its significance. For us all, the obvious comes to mind when we hear the word Relationship but we forget how vital it is for us to connect to what we are trying to get accomplished. Remember, we have to be engaged to our intentions. We can't ignore or discount the power of a connection when it's the fire behind all results. Let me say that in a different way "If you don't connect to whatever it is you are looking to get accomplished, nine times out of ten it will not COME INTO FRUITION."

By connecting, committing and aligning, we ultimately affirm that some of our relations will help us and some will not. Those experiences force and shape the design of our person and perspective. As we live and learn, we find that it is advantageous to gravitate to what is worthy of our attention and energy (ie. people, beliefs and principles). This necessary action will lead to a RELATIONSHIP with the source, it is then that we can benefit from their investment!

Friday, August 19, 2011

"LET IT BE KNOWN LIVE" Radio .... "LOVE.... and its POWER"


On our previous segment of  LET IT BE KNOWN LIVE RADIO we had the multi-talented Metronome Pictures, 10 in 2 Productions and Jason O'ffill. The talented tandem not only tackled their viewpoint on LOVE but they also discussed the success of their unofficial video for Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory". The collective effort and great piece of art, epitomizes the power of love which has garnered over 300k views with touching feedback from viewers around the world. Non-stop energy, sincerity and insightful dialogue, it was emphasized that there are is no discrimination behind the force and energy of Love...... check out the podcast here

Check out the unofficial video for Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory"

Wednesday, August 10, 2011



Based on the request of our Listener's we revisited this topic to address the violence among the YOUTH.... a problem that continues to affect our entire country. Some of the main contributing causes are Bullying, Peer Pressure, Gang Activity, Drugs and Alcohol as we fight for solutions. As they resort to resolving their disagreements using violence, it's our responsibility as adults of this world to show them different. 

Listen here to the podcast of the show:

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

“You think you Know but You have NO IDEA”


I was prompted to write this post after hearing about an unfortunate suicide of someone that I personally knew. Shockingly, I just couldn't fathom this person harming ANYONE much less themselves. This has only affirmed my strong stance in understanding that you never know what a person is dealing with in their own world. I could only imagine that they have issues that are biting at their spirit while they feel as if the walls are closing in with no other way out. As we cross the paths of many in our daily interactions, a smile doesn’t constitute that everything is good.
Even….a simple salutation of “How are you doing” and the reply being “Everything is fine” can be an extension of a wall that someone is hiding behind. With perfect reason, it’s not easy for a person to let their guards down and share what may be disturbing them.  That constraint usually results in the suppression of these vices that may only lead to a person reaching a breaking point—that is sometimes fatal. As humans, we all respond to situations differently because we are all built differently—some of us are strong where others are weak. Many variables lead to a person becoming frustrated and considering giving up. These life bumps can easily be chalked up as a part of life but are also what drives one to a breaking point.  They may be dealing with one or many factors all at once. It may be a relationship coming to an end, bills that continue to go unpaid, the pressure of finding or losing a job or being homeless because of an eviction or foreclosure. Pressure is something that affects us all differently. 
Please hear me loud and clear on this as I repeat it again—you DON’T know what someone is dealing with. You only know what a person shares with you and that may never happen. I don’t care how long you’ve know them you may have no inclination that there is something eating at the core of their spirit. Especially when some of us have mastered being one way that is in no way a representation of who they really are.  One thing that plays a major part for all of us is—SUPPORT. There may be times that the storm is more than we can handle on our own, the benefit of having the support of others in our lives. Should problems arise, we know that we are not facing them alone. In the absence of support, one is left feeling helpless and hopeless. Any chance we get, that’s why it’s imperative that we serve as a constant crutch to one another. Even in a casual conversation you may (without even realizing it) be providing some therapy to someone that may be on the cusp of harming themselves. Your words may have depleted those intentions, so never underestimate the power of words or the potential in every moment to change what you may not be aware of. We selfishly get so consumed with living our own lives that we forget about nurturing the ones around us. Sadly, it may take the drastic loss of those connected to us to then understand the difference we could have made while they were here. My prayers go out to anyone that has had to endure the loss of a loved one from a suicide………Living is grand so embrace every moment of it!