Thursday, January 27, 2011



SEX is probably one of the most intense activities attached to sensation, almost sharper than the fulfillment of eating to a food deprived stomach. For many, our understanding of sex is surface and we automatically make a conjunction to the physical aspect. I find that too many of us are centered with the misconception that attraction is based soulfully on one's looks instead of the exchange of energy—not touch—energy. As a man, I find it interesting when women don’t have the skill set to understand the psyche of a man. Instead, they believe that all men can be controlled by sex. Real men get tired of mundane physical-interactions that only act as temporary fixes to a need for something bigger and deeper. Too often we get consumed by the physical aspect of Sex, neglecting the other dimensions of pleasure. My stance has always been—SEX IS MENTAL, the climax of the physical is a spark that may last all of a few minutes. However, when you have the ability to mentally stimulate, mentally penetrate, and provide an orgasmic reaction to the brain cells—the connection is life altering. 

Both genders are guilty of sexual misinterpretations that lead them to situations that do not end well, by placing the physical first.  Women automatically assume all men are driven primarily towards sex—and in most incidents it’s true. Their ideology [Men] is that, she should be wiling (consensually) to be intimate with him before he can even consider her other qualities—yes, there are some that shallow. Women will use their sexuality as both a ploy and tactic, to gain leverage in areas they deem will be beneficial—actions that will usually result in a high level of compromise. Anything that is physically derived will lack substance because two people have invested in the moment of temptation.  We need to take the time to sharpen our abilities to create these bridges outside of the obvious physical connections!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011



As we are faced with many different variations of people attempting to bring forth their dreams to reality, one thing that has been very consistent is the lack of individuality that has curtailed innovation. These days, people have become so comfortable with following trends that it has strongly become a major contributor to the setback to a much needed progression.  A good start to becoming exceptional in any sector would be honing in on your craft, this is something that brings an ability to be exceptional in the creative element. What was—no longer exist, there was a time when people took tremendous pride in avoiding the imitation factor of "cookie cutting".  Instead, being original and daring by taking others on a different ride. 

Not everyone is misled.  Those that are able to effectively impact the masses do understand that there is a need for something different, and when delivered through execution that variable will result in a FOLLOWING. Hopefully once such appeal is created, the purpose behind the gain isn't only monetarily, but also includes how the new innovation can affect many others by expanding their understanding.  With this said I invite you to expound on an approach that can change history.  I dare you to be different by thinking outside of every box, inherit non-traditional methods and go in the opposite direction of what has worked for everyone else by being nothing less than INNOVATIVE

Saturday, January 22, 2011



Making international news and breaking all headlines for the past few days,  My cousin Carl Tyson and the mother Joy White have reunited with their daughter Carlina White whom was kidnapped 23 years ago from Harlem Hospital in New York City. This has obviously impacted my family and everyone that has read up on this unexpected miracle that has brought a new meaning of faith to myself and I hope to you as well. It has taught me that you can give up on something but that something will not give up on you.  Having faith will always produce possibilities that you wouldn't believe.......... God has a way of making the impossible, POSSIBLE. My blessings go out to Carlina, Carl and Joy along with the TYSON AND WHITE FAMILIES!!!!!

PLEASE READ Courtesy of New York Post

Friday, January 21, 2011

The "FEARFUL" will always attempt to persuade the "FEARLESS"


The "FEARFUL" will always attempt to persuade the "FEARLESS" into Stagnation..............The "Fearful" lack faith and will do everything in their power to entice the "Fearless" to abandon their own faith.  What is believed and foreseen by those that understand the power in faith, results in taking the risk by jumping out on a leap of faith—anything that is for you will be there when you land. Life provides us with enough clarity that very little is happening if you or I don't make it happen. Those that are full of fear are only depriving themselves and others that are relying on them, of what may be designed for them to receive. 
It's in no way easy to go outside of the realm that you perceive as security—the things that have made you feel adequate with remaining in your stance. As we all may agree, if something is not growing it is considered idled but does anyone want to admit they have stunted their own growth by means of self-infliction. BEWARE......Those same people will do everything to suppress the driven by re-diverting their ambition with discouragement. Remain in focus as the Fearless are always ready, willing and able to go after what they truly believe is awaiting them....... Destiny.  

Monday, January 17, 2011



    "I couldn't do this because _______________" or "I will eventually get to it as soon as I have time", I'm sure you've probably used some of these expressions to exemplify a point that you may or may not had. All too often, we're fast to live by an "Excuse" in comparison to a "Reason”, it makes us feel better about allowing an opportunity to go astray or a breakdown in faith to subdue us. One really doesn't have anything to do with the other........ A reason will come from a place of pure and genuine integrity in a situation. It’s viewed as the bottom line. Living a lifetime of excuses will only substantiate that you have chosen to disregard that you may be the problem, and not others—you.
The blame that we are easily to fire off like a gun is your inability to accept but ability to decline in owning up to responsibility. Each day we are granted it's a mandated responsibility to take the blessing and make it constructive; there is no excuse for doing anything different. You know there are so many days that pass that we have delayed something that was imperative in expediting only to supplement it with something not meaningful. Priorities play an integral part in what we place on the scales of excuse and reason; we are driven by what we deem as important.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

"HATERS Dont Hate You"


It tickles me to hear someone say "I feed off of the Hate", How do you feed off of something that is negative? The best thing to do is to blatantly ignore it. For a majority of us, some of these haters are imaginary. For example, some people will refute solid and feasible input that is given to them from an outside force, then turn around and label that person a hater when they are in fact an adviser. For those that have legitimate ones, these are usually the people that haven't found a way to befriend, grow or pay homage to you. Their failure to do any of those things will result in what is really admiration and love. Keep in mind, we are living in a time of presumption and speculation, where things are taken for face-value without further inquiry so do you really believe that these opposing forces are moving with validity. The more you exude with positivity and remain righteous in your path, that is all that counts. I'm going to tell you, anyone that is progressive and diligent at accomplishing their goals and objectives will usually experience a lot of resistance from those that have remained idled.  Keep doing you and keep doing what you do because life includes more than one obstacle.



I had to share a quick thought that came to me, "Like Minds" tend to find one another, one way or another......... the fusion is initiated through a conversation of some sort with no particular topic. Today and this evening I must say, those connections were made in a divine way. You may end their sentence right after they have began yours, without any further question you two appear to be on the very same page.  Why? Without incident, everything is within reason. Subsequently, things have a way of moving in a direction you least expected when  you had no clue it would happen. That may have confused you slightly but go back and read that sentence again and you will get exactly what I'm saying. Just keep in mind, "Like-Minds" will always find one another.

Friday, January 7, 2011


I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Pinnacle Writing, spearheaded by Thomas Drinkard this morning. The interview was very mellow and another opportunity to share a piece of me on the forthcoming "Let it Be Known" novel.