Saturday, September 3, 2011




SEX is probably one of the most intense activities attached to sensation, almost sharper than the fulfillment of eating to a food deprived stomach. For many, our understanding of sex is surface and we automatically make a conjunction to the physical aspect. I find that too many of us are centered with the misconception that attraction is based soulfully on one's looks instead of the exchange of energy—not touch—energy. As a man, I find it interesting when women don’t have the skill set to understand the psyche of a man. Instead, they believe that all men can be controlled by sex. Real men get tired of mundane physical-interactions that only act as temporary fixes to a need for something bigger and deeper. Too often we get consumed by the physical aspect of Sex, neglecting the other dimensions of pleasure. My stance has always been—SEX IS MENTAL, the climax of the physical is a spark that may last all of a few minutes. However, when you have the ability to mentally stimulate, mentally penetrate, and provide an orgasmic reaction to the brain cells—the connection is life altering.

Both genders are guilty of sexual misinterpretations that lead them to situations that do not end well, by placing the physical first.  Women automatically assume all men are driven primarily towards sex—and in most incidents it’s true. Their [Men] ideology is that, she should be wiling (consensually) to be intimate with him before he can even consider her other qualities—yes, there are some that shallow. Women will use their sexuality as both a ploy and tactic, to gain leverage in areas they deem will be beneficial—actions that will usually result in a high level of compromise. Anything that is physically derived will lack substance because two people have invested in the moment of temptation.  We need to take the time to sharpen our abilities to create these bridges outside of the obvious physical connections!

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