Friday, November 4, 2011

PARENTS...... At what age do you discuss SEX and its Perils?


On our latest episode of Let it Be Known Live RADIO ..... When it is age appropriate for a Parent to discuss sex with their children? It was very interesting to hear the many different perspectives from both our panel and listeners. As we all know, sex is often treated as a taboo but it in this context it must be addressed. There's a lot of concern from parents that a discussion of this sort may sponsor their curiosity instead of educate and deter the child. 

Its important both as parents and a society that we convey to children just how dangerous the act of sex can be (ie. diseases, unplanned pregnancy and  emotional damage). It's not easy for a parent to have this talk with their child so they may avoid doing it all together.  By doing that it creates an opportunity for an outside source to convey this information to their child.  Sadly, this usually doesn't work in the child's favor. Using the platform of the show, we asked all parents for their input on how they would handle such a serious topic with their own child. 

Listen back here to the podcast:

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