Tuesday, August 5, 2014



Men will react out of desire and greed while a woman will strategically think her actions all the way through. Is either right? Not at all but she has a way of being so cunning in her executions that it appears justifiable. Cheating is something that one may never see coming but all parties involved will be forced to face the damage that it creates long after the act.  

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014



TUNE IN tomorrow at 8PM on ‪#‎LIBKRadio‬ for our intense discussion....... “THE DESTRUCTION OF THE BLACK FAMILY”......... There is and has been a devised plan to destroy the prevalence and power of the BLACK FAMILY. From our men being emasculated by the system and our women being brainwashed into taking on dual roles, the systematic dominance has been crucial to the Black Family. Judicial injustice, ADD, Child Support, Homosexuality, Unethical hiring with Women being hired before men, Illegal and Legal Drugs, Family abandonment and Stress have all been ploys created to fast-forward the destruction.

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It’s recorded that every 9 seconds in the U.S a woman is assaulted or beaten.  With those statistics that would bring us to almost 7 women a minute which is insane. It’s also recorded that a man is severely assaulted by his wife or girlfriend every 14.6 seconds. Relationships will go through their challenges but when it becomes violent it ignites so much other dynamics; Children are affected, mental and physical damage, and sometimes death in the end. This is a serious issue that sadly takes the lives of up to three women a day in this country.

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Monday, May 12, 2014


 Everyone has their own definition of what a relationship is and what it entails BUT do they know what a Situation is? Why do most Relationships fail and Situations blossom and boom? Sadly, alot of people are in a situation and don't even know it but are under the illusion that they are in something that makes sense. When we are able to define something, we are then able to seek understanding where we can then practice and execute its purpose.

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Saturday, March 8, 2014



Everything is rushed. Patience has become a rarity in the practices of those we call humans. We have instead resorted to a level and era where there is no foreplay, both figuratively and literally. When it comes to the many aspects we exchange with one another, there is a defiant approach for what should be protocol and its expectations. Look at how business has become shady from the gate with no networking or the substantiation of building a rapport that will lead to a relationship. People expect you to just jump right into business with them just because they believe they are doing business. Relationships are dead from the beginning because people refuse to take the time to get to know one another from the start. Dating and Courting has been omitted because everyone’s in a rush to be in a Pseudo-relationship. People meet on Monday and by Friday they live together. These examples just go to show you just how much we have opted to throw principles in the garbage. That is why things are a mess and don’t seem to moving in a direction to resolve this issue.  If there's foreplay in the equation, you have accountability and a necessary flow to the momentum.  Simply, you can find out a lot if you are willing to take your time to find it out. There’s very little chance you will have any enlightenment and favorable results if you are rushing from point “a” to point “z” without experiencing the letters in between.

Saturday, March 1, 2014



Some of us really want to do better. We may have lived a life in the past that wasn’t good and we have chosen to repent and accept our wrongdoings. God forgives while humans hold onto things just to have something to make you worthy of their judgment. Those very same people are usually not in a position to hold you in a strained regard based on your past acts…… but they do. Do you get angry? Not at all, what you do is gather an understanding that you can then empower yourself with. What’s imperative is that you remove yourself from those realms of judgment and that will decrease the likeliness of it happening, over and over. Move to different villages and place yourself around new people that can accept the NEW YOU. Continue to live your life to be better and don’t ever allow anyone to make you a prisoner of the past!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014







Lorch, a 75-year old multi-millionaire and former chief executive of leveraged buyout firm Dyson-Kissner-Moran, has been an elite power figure in New York City amateur athletics since taking over the Riverside Church basketball program in 1961. Lorch founded the Riverside Church Hawks as an outreach program for underprivileged kids, and for decades, hundreds of boys and girls from grammar school kids to college students played on dozens of Riverside teams each year.   The program was nationally recognized for its success and leadership in the field of youth development and is the athletic birthplace of at least 60 current and former NBA players including Kenny Smith, Mark Jackson, Chris Mullin, Elton Brand, Ron Artest, Stephon Marbury, and Bernard King. Hundreds of others played for prestigious Division 1 colleges, in the CBA and other professional leagues overseas.  Lorch agreed to resign from Riverside program in 2002 after Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau’s office began investigating his relationship with Robert Holmes, a former player. “As the head of the program and as his coach, Lorch had a duty to protect Robert from harm.” said Lawrence Luttrell, Holmes’ attorney.  “Instead, he took that as an opportunity to engage in offensive contact against him.”
According to the New York Times, Mr. Holmes stated in his affidavit that he and his mother confronted Mr. Lorch with accusations of sex-abuse that began when Holmes was 12 and continued for three-years.  Lorch gave Holmes $25,000 in cash and later hired lawyers for Holmes in a criminal case at a cost of $250,000. According to a transcript, Lorch acknowledged giving Mr.   Holmes about $2 million in 50 or 60 checks (some in amounts more than $100,000) from 1997 to 2000, but claimed the money was meant to help his former player with business ventures like a Hip hop record label, a recording studio and a nightclub.  Holmes called it hush money and filed a suit for damages in excess of $100,000, claiming Lorch reneged on a promise to financially support him for the rest of his life if he kept their sexual relationship a secret.

As rumors of Lorch’s sexual misconduct began to surface, the Daily News assembled an investigative team and broke the story. Luke Cyphers, a former sports writer for the Daily News, reported that Holmes had officially accused Lorch of sexual abuse in a petition he filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.  Holmes claimed his lawyers in the gun case were ineffective because of a conflict of interest—Lorch had paid their legal fees.  Robert Holmes, who continues to suffer from mental and emotional duress, has come to terms with his sordid past and the downward spiral his life took as a result of his inability to cope with the anger and frustration he fought to suppress. While serving a 97-month federal prison sentence for weapons charges, Holmes documented his pain in a poignant recollection of events which total 500 handwritten pages. It all provides a window into his personal life in a painstaking account of sexual wrongdoing at the hands of Lorch, who was a mentor, coach and father figure to the promising young hoopster.


King believes that with the creative exploitation of Mr. Holmes’ story and plight, it will not only bring a level of closure to this sad ordeal but a level of transparency that is much needed with sex-abuse.  “I see “The Darkside of the Court” really reaching the hearts of the masses and showing just how the innocence of a young person can be forfeited by the selfish gratification of an adult.”  This story will express how Mr. Holmes’ vulnerabilities were preyed upon by a man that leveraged his power through money and authority.  As a defining result, a man has been permanently and emotionally scarred by these callous acts that so many other young men have also been victims of—sex-abuse.  “The Darkside of the Court” will be a candid, raw, and heartfelt body of work that will touch many” says King. The element of transparency can never be taken for granted when someone has gone through this type of traumatic experience. “To be able to share his story is a feat accomplished on its own. I am excited to be included in the vision and creation of Mr. Holmes that I know will be an impactful project when it’s delivered to the world.”


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Wednesday, January 8, 2014



Navigating through life requires a Vision……….. One that will lead you to a life of fulfillment which can only be attained once we have connected with and to our purpose. Purpose will equal vision.  That purpose will be defined by what you are most passionate about and what you are willing to place everything on the line to attain.  The lack of a vision will only be a filled with a journey of free-styling and no accountability which we don’t want that at all. We want to experience and benefit from applying our best efforts of this gift and blessing called a vision. Knowing that if we do what we should, we can live a life of fulfillment. A determined mindset will produce a determined mind state. Moving in the direction of accomplishment; a concise blueprint is devised that encompasses our dreams and aspirations in a nutshell.  In order for this to transpire, you need ACTION not lip service. Your determination, focus, dedication, sacrifices and consistency will determine just how much you want it.  Potential means absolutely nothing if it isn’t applied. You must move in the direction that’s conducive to you reaching your anointed destination.  In doing so, you must create a concise blueprint that will encompass your dreams and aspirations. With a plan in full effect, we have substantiated our intent to expedite this vision. Go out there and chase your dreams and put that vision in place so that you can reap the blessings of your gift.  

If it can change your life you must be willing to do everything to make it your life!