Monday, December 3, 2012



As you may all know, I am the author of my debut book “Let it be Known.” Before I released this project I made an honest assessment of some things that I felt I needed to work on within myself. One thing that didn’t fit well (pun intended) was that I had gained a substantial amount of weight. I began to feel physically sluggish to go right along with the aches and cramps which I knew was the result of this weight I was carrying. I was always an athlete so not moving my body for so many years, I realized this was the penalty I was now enduring. With responsibility and continuously working non-stop in your daily grind, eating the wrong foods, not exercising, we lose ourselves in the process and the weight gain seems like it comes from out of nowhere. It’s said that you can acquire wealth but if you’re not healthy, you will spend that same wealth on your health.  After feeling heavy and my body began to ache, I came to the conclusion that I had to make some personal improvements to go along with some the goals I was working hard to execute with business. The first thing I did was detox my body, change my diet and start an exercising regimen. A year later I am fifty-pounds lighter and feeling a thousand percent better with myself and probably added ten more years to my life by making the commitment and dedication to do better. Today, I continue to live a different and conscious lifestyle of better health practices because I refuse to not be my best. I share my own journey through “Self-Improvement” because we tend to downplay just how much we become our investments.

Overall, improvement is a necessity by all means but Self-Improvement is non-negotiable and should be the utmost priority in your world. We sometimes end up neglecting our own advancement by stifling our own development by investing in outside entities FIRST. By doing that, we are placing ourselves second and possibly last which not only defies self-preservation but it defeats our own relevance. I firmly believe that strong relationships are contingent on a strong personal relationship that starts with the person in the mirror. You can’t have any healthy relationships with anyone if you are not in a relationship with yourself. Keep in mind that we are all under construction. With that understanding, we are not perfect and there are things that we all should be diligently and consistently working on to make ourselves better. Identification facilitates in converting our weaknesses and flaws to strengths. There are some that live in a delusional state by fooling themselves into believing that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them. Each day should consist of becoming the best person possible. By making those strides we are able to convert our current challenges into future triumphs.  

 I wanted to share a few areas that you may need to consider improving in;

·        Health- If you are not healthy, nothing in your life will be.
·        Mindset- Keep in mind that you are your thoughts.
·        Objectives- Don’t neglect your own dreams as you work your job and steadily invest in someone's dream.
·        Character- Strengthen your weaknesses by focusing on those areas that pose a challenge and discomfort. Being the best person will attract the best.

I hope that I can inspire just one person to make some self-improvements starting today!

Thursday, November 8, 2012



You can’t force what will be because what will be......simply will be. I don’t care how much you attempt to pressure things into the universe things will happen divinely. Am I saying that prayers are not answered? Not at all….. There are just absolutely no accidents in the universe and every result is a calculated journey. I know some of you are experiencing a strong desire to make some things happen through your sheer determination and may possibly feel things are not moving quick enough. That is totally fine but there are seasons for every seed to sprout. It’s very hard to accept that realization in why something may not be coming into manifestation when you need results NOW. Keep in mind that a process will always come before the results.

Quite essentially, your patience and respect for that process is what will invoke the growth of that seed. I don’t care how much you attempt to rush it, if it’s not time, it’s just not time. Life gets in the way as we work to keep our essentials in place, bills paid and the rigorous demands of being responsible create an emotion all on their own. We’re always looking to find stability and peace in what we know as ……  All of this is heightened when we are responsible for others in our role as providers. I wanted to share these words with you because sometimes we need to hear an echo of what we already know…. So allow things to move in alignment without fretting and remain poise as your season arrives! 

Saturday, October 20, 2012



You see it constantly……Haters are supported more than actual supporters.  Those that will do everything in the best interest of a person are treated like the enemy and outcast. There’s so much wrong with that picture but it’s going on right now as you read this post. Honestly, a lot of us have no idea who our allies are but can tell you in a heartbeat who’s against us. It’s a concentrated force that is sustained for what doesn’t help us in any way or form. To make matters worse they are automatically attracted to what inflicts pain on them. People tend to make it their extreme mission in wasting so much energy in honoring who’s against them instead of who’s for them.  What does that mean? It simply means that you have chosen to only focus on the energy that is non-complimentary that has stemmed from sources that are obviously against you. 

Identification is a blessing when you are able to obtain clarity in realizing who isn’t for you. What you should do is take that affirmation and simply keep it moving. Instead, what most of you will do is find yourself pouring all of this focus into it knowing it doesn’t help you. Meanwhile, you fail to invest in who’s for you. Again, this self-inflicted confusion is something you must disconnect from immediately.  As you know, whatever you give life to with your energy and focus will become your life—present and future. A natural part of life is that people will live and die, come and go. You’re not going to mesh with everyone that you come across but what I do know is that you will have tons of people that you will.

Keep those that are complimentary in your life and remove those that aren’t!

Friday, September 28, 2012



 Someone, somewhere is going through something. We are all faced with something that will test our stamina so don’t feel special, it’s a natural process of living out your journey and walk. When your stamina is tested, you can be a conqueror or a defeated entity. To be a winner in the end it requires the workings of reaching deep inside our core. What you will find is the tool and necessary ingredient that we all possess………STRENGTH. If you fail to do so and succumb to the feat one has underestimated the power of this force that lies inside each of us. That Strength is must be permissible to work its capabilities and everything will align in your favor. Be clear, adversity and obstacles are designed to be a stepping stone and test. They are not to be treated as permanent conditions or things that are intended to destroy your destiny. I implore that you use your will, faith and strength to capture the blessings that have been tailored just for you—without any discretion.  

Find your Strength, remain Strong!

Thursday, August 23, 2012



A lot of women have accepted being engaged for what has turned into an eternity when in fact they are really ENTANGLED. By agreeing to something that has not been inclusive of love and good intentions some women have resorted to just settling and lowering their standards. Years and years go by and the only thing to show is a ring that has only fulfilled a public facade of being taken and claimed. It’s not easy to accept the reality that this marriage will most likely never take place because every year there is a glimmer of hope—but at some point it must be done. the times we reside in are what I deem as a suppressed and stalled act by Men. A ploy that he uses to control his woman and keep her under control which is an easy feat because all she may want is to say that she has a ring. As a man, I want to let you women know something about men. Men will straighten up in a heartbeat once they feel they are no longer a priority. Everything in this world passes through a woman so your power is indescribable. Sit firm in your standards and don’t compromise them just to not be alone. In life, what we accept is what we will have to expect.

Most of the time, these engagements transpire from ultimatums and conditions which are usually provoked by an act of infidelity in the relationship or the birth of a child.  As a result, he’s then forced to make this verbal promise that he has no intention of actually executing. He is on one page and she’s on another. Again, it is even questionable if marriage is really her goal because she will assume this position of fiance for YEARS. Statistically, it is said that engagements usually last 16 months.  Is the title of engagement and a ring a form of accomplishment and self-gratification that she only desires?  Could it just be the fancy of being called fiance rather than girlfriend?   Today, we are losing touch of the importance of marriage because we are focused on separations and divorce. Contributing to the bleak outlook is the ongoing cycle of non-commitment.  Also, there’s no dating, courting and taking the time to know a person that we have made a point of interest.  

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