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A lot of women have accepted being engaged for what has turned into an eternity when in fact they are really ENTANGLED. By agreeing to something that has not been inclusive of love and good intentions some women have resorted to just settling and lowering their standards. Years and years go by and the only thing to show is a ring that has only fulfilled a public facade of being taken and claimed. It’s not easy to accept the reality that this marriage will most likely never take place because every year there is a glimmer of hope—but at some point it must be done. the times we reside in are what I deem as a suppressed and stalled act by Men. A ploy that he uses to control his woman and keep her under control which is an easy feat because all she may want is to say that she has a ring. As a man, I want to let you women know something about men. Men will straighten up in a heartbeat once they feel they are no longer a priority. Everything in this world passes through a woman so your power is indescribable. Sit firm in your standards and don’t compromise them just to not be alone. In life, what we accept is what we will have to expect.

Most of the time, these engagements transpire from ultimatums and conditions which are usually provoked by an act of infidelity in the relationship or the birth of a child.  As a result, he’s then forced to make this verbal promise that he has no intention of actually executing. He is on one page and she’s on another. Again, it is even questionable if marriage is really her goal because she will assume this position of fiance for YEARS. Statistically, it is said that engagements usually last 16 months.  Is the title of engagement and a ring a form of accomplishment and self-gratification that she only desires?  Could it just be the fancy of being called fiance rather than girlfriend?   Today, we are losing touch of the importance of marriage because we are focused on separations and divorce. Contributing to the bleak outlook is the ongoing cycle of non-commitment.  Also, there’s no dating, courting and taking the time to know a person that we have made a point of interest.  

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