Thursday, August 2, 2012

“People Love what HATES them and Hate what LOVES them”

Interesting to say the least........what we need in our lives is exactly what we elect to resent and disregard by pushing it to the side. As a reaction, what’s for our betterment is treated as if it’s the cause of the problem. We continue to embrace and cherish what’s non-complimentary and what may have contempt toward us. Unfortunately, none of it adds up and it’s very conflicting but we live for the unnecessary imbalances. With Hate and Love being the most powerful forces of the emotional source—they are what we will endure in one facet or another as we live out each moment. As confusing as it may sound, people will love what hates them and hate what loves them in their relationships, friendships and overall life experiences. We tackled this issue with much perspective on our latest segment of LET IT BE KNOWN LIVE RADIO, check out the podcast here:

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