Friday, July 27, 2012


First and foremost I would like to send prayers out to the fallen angels and the families of those that have become victims of violent acts. Unfortunately, these senseless acts of violence continue to plague our general society as the innocent are being taken down by gunfire and a life is being depleted. There are sick individuals walking our streets that are abruptly exploding like time bombs, approaching their day with the intent of destroying the lives of others—forever. These acts of violent expressions are a reflection of unprovoked madness. They blatantly have no regard for their own life and others as they build these arsenals of weapons that we know nothing of until it’s too late. Our fight to diminish violence continues as we fight to control weapon acquisition and detect those that have bad intentions before they can harm others we are left to live in constant fear. One thing that we seem to discontinue is the fact that we are raising violent children by example of being violent parents. Not to rule out that we have drug and substance abuse that invokes a volatile behavior. You don’t know what to expect leaving your house or simply doing casual things that now seem riskier than walking into a war zone. Listen back to our prerecorded segment of “Violence is not the answer” on LET IT BE KNOWN LIVE RADIO

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