Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Think INSIDE the Box"


There are very few of us that feel we're NOT thinking outside of the box. The Box...... as it is referred to as,  it's believed to be a representation of what is expected from everyone—the mere standard.  Now, going outside of the box is intended to clarify that one has gone in the opposite direction of everyone else. Again, most of us are under the notion that we are doing just that. In some cases, it's happening while most of us are too lazy to generate new energy and emotions by bringing something that is to the left. I've given this plenty of thought and have grown to realize that we need to kill the noise on the clich√© and......THINK INSIDE THE BOX. I say that because thinking outside of that same box is not getting us too far. It should be in our goals to find ways to be effective in our differences, that way we are not neglecting the viability in growth. Remember, innovation is imperative.

The blame stems from people sitting back and watching what works for someone else and attempts to emulate their entire path, method and approach. Contrary to belief, what works for your neighbor doesn't mean it will work for you. More than anything, the time is NOW to bring forth what will raise the BAR. I think you would agree that ineffective methods have widely affected us in just about every facet of our general lives from art to our country's economy. Somewhere along the way we have forgotten that being exceptional is doing what others are not willing to do—stepping out of comfort into discomfort. With everyone thinking along the same lines we have been forced to digest what has become the "same ole same ole". This is a not a knock at what each of us has taken the time to generate in our creation’s; we just need a different approach without excluding innovation in the process. In closing, as much as we all differ, we find ample ways to be the same.

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