Thursday, July 21, 2011

Different TIMES call for Different MEASURES....the safety of your CHILD" on LET IT BE KNOWN LIVE RADIO


 On our latest segment of LET IT BEKNOWN LIVE RADIO we discussed some of the perils surrounding our children and the preventive measures along with systems we need in place to protect them. As Parents, we generally go into each day not expecting the unexpected believing that things can happen to someone else and not us. We allow our children to have certain responsibilities that are contributed by economic hardships or the lack of resources—this is reason why there are so many "Latch Key" Kids. Each day, these children go home from school alone with the parent praying for their daily safety. They are then left unsupervised until a parent makes it home from their day of work. As soon as something catastrophic happens in society it causes us to react, think and revamp the systems we have in place. Listen to our radio discussion on this hot topic...........

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