Thursday, August 6, 2015



Talent is an exceptional gift that each one of us is blessed with in some form. The challenge is identifying with that specific talent and doing something with it instead of allowing it to sit dormant.  Unfortunately, there are millions of us on the planet that are extremely talented in something but refuse to do anything with it or have not connected to it. So it’s a great thing when we have made that connection and understand that we must put in the work to hone the gift.   

    What does that mean? That means you will do everything in your power and being to further develop your gift and creative journey so that it’s tight. These days what we all see so much in our internet age is that people spend more time marketing the talent instead of actually working on their craft. Everything has to be nurtured so that it can cultivate to new levels. The neglect and failure to do so only destroys the potential of the gift which is what separates mediocre from greatness. Those that choose to exercise that complacent method day in and day out will see their skill set remain at one level and never improve. Again, we are all talented and keep in mind that there are those that are constantly working on their craft. If you’re not working on yours, you are just stacking the odds against you!

Thursday, January 8, 2015



Happy New Year!

We’ve completed our first week of 2015, so how are you feeling? This is a reset to re-approaching things with a clear mind and perspective. 2015 will be a great platform and conduit to plenty of blessings that await you in 2016. All of this is possible if you are willing to fight the fight. None of us are living out perfection but that doesn’t mean we can’t make that the objective. I firmly believe that when we are aiming to accomplish what most humans feel is impossible it is then that we raise the bar to self-expectations and for others to follow suit. Life provides us with constant challenges and vices in the form of adversity. What would life be without any turbulence and everything went our way? I can assure you that you wouldn’t have anything to refine and mature you. Your arrogance would be immeasurable and this world wouldn’t have any humility. Whatever the fight, you have to be willing to fight back. I can assure you that life has many ways of handing you cards that you can either take or throw right back in.  Most of us are dealing with issues in the following areas; finances, relationships, finding our purpose and being healthy. Let me tell you that most of what we encounter in our journey of life is controllable. It all comes down to our choices and decisions that at one time we felt confident executing. What we don’t consider are the ramifications of those actions. Bills will always be due but debt is controllable, survival is imminent but living is an option, relationships are a reflection of the respect and love you have for yourself, health comes in the spiritual, mental and physical form and you will determine your purpose by taking heed to your life lessons. Fighting the fight is being able to decipher what is complimentary versus what is not which is why having a healthy understand is imperative. With that understanding you can then move forward mentally and spiritually which will get your feet to follow.

You must man up, woman up and not allow the fight to be one-sided. Remember, with each day granted there’s an outpouring of blessings. What you choose to do with each moment is solely on what you are looking to accomplish. Complaining is a conscious decision to destroy optimism so don't it. Stay positive, relentless and FIGHT THE FIGHT!



Tuesday, August 5, 2014



Men will react out of desire and greed while a woman will strategically think her actions all the way through. Is either right? Not at all but she has a way of being so cunning in her executions that it appears justifiable. Cheating is something that one may never see coming but all parties involved will be forced to face the damage that it creates long after the act.  

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014



TUNE IN tomorrow at 8PM on ‪#‎LIBKRadio‬ for our intense discussion....... “THE DESTRUCTION OF THE BLACK FAMILY”......... There is and has been a devised plan to destroy the prevalence and power of the BLACK FAMILY. From our men being emasculated by the system and our women being brainwashed into taking on dual roles, the systematic dominance has been crucial to the Black Family. Judicial injustice, ADD, Child Support, Homosexuality, Unethical hiring with Women being hired before men, Illegal and Legal Drugs, Family abandonment and Stress have all been ploys created to fast-forward the destruction.

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It’s recorded that every 9 seconds in the U.S a woman is assaulted or beaten.  With those statistics that would bring us to almost 7 women a minute which is insane. It’s also recorded that a man is severely assaulted by his wife or girlfriend every 14.6 seconds. Relationships will go through their challenges but when it becomes violent it ignites so much other dynamics; Children are affected, mental and physical damage, and sometimes death in the end. This is a serious issue that sadly takes the lives of up to three women a day in this country.

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Monday, May 12, 2014


 Everyone has their own definition of what a relationship is and what it entails BUT do they know what a Situation is? Why do most Relationships fail and Situations blossom and boom? Sadly, alot of people are in a situation and don't even know it but are under the illusion that they are in something that makes sense. When we are able to define something, we are then able to seek understanding where we can then practice and execute its purpose.

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Saturday, March 8, 2014



Everything is rushed. Patience has become a rarity in the practices of those we call humans. We have instead resorted to a level and era where there is no foreplay, both figuratively and literally. When it comes to the many aspects we exchange with one another, there is a defiant approach for what should be protocol and its expectations. Look at how business has become shady from the gate with no networking or the substantiation of building a rapport that will lead to a relationship. People expect you to just jump right into business with them just because they believe they are doing business. Relationships are dead from the beginning because people refuse to take the time to get to know one another from the start. Dating and Courting has been omitted because everyone’s in a rush to be in a Pseudo-relationship. People meet on Monday and by Friday they live together. These examples just go to show you just how much we have opted to throw principles in the garbage. That is why things are a mess and don’t seem to moving in a direction to resolve this issue.  If there's foreplay in the equation, you have accountability and a necessary flow to the momentum.  Simply, you can find out a lot if you are willing to take your time to find it out. There’s very little chance you will have any enlightenment and favorable results if you are rushing from point “a” to point “z” without experiencing the letters in between.