Saturday, March 8, 2014



Everything is rushed. Patience has become a rarity in the practices of those we call humans. We have instead resorted to a level and era where there is no foreplay, both figuratively and literally. When it comes to the many aspects we exchange with one another, there is a defiant approach for what should be protocol and its expectations. Look at how business has become shady from the gate with no networking or the substantiation of building a rapport that will lead to a relationship. People expect you to just jump right into business with them just because they believe they are doing business. Relationships are dead from the beginning because people refuse to take the time to get to know one another from the start. Dating and Courting has been omitted because everyone’s in a rush to be in a Pseudo-relationship. People meet on Monday and by Friday they live together. These examples just go to show you just how much we have opted to throw principles in the garbage. That is why things are a mess and don’t seem to moving in a direction to resolve this issue.  If there's foreplay in the equation, you have accountability and a necessary flow to the momentum.  Simply, you can find out a lot if you are willing to take your time to find it out. There’s very little chance you will have any enlightenment and favorable results if you are rushing from point “a” to point “z” without experiencing the letters in between.

Saturday, March 1, 2014



Some of us really want to do better. We may have lived a life in the past that wasn’t good and we have chosen to repent and accept our wrongdoings. God forgives while humans hold onto things just to have something to make you worthy of their judgment. Those very same people are usually not in a position to hold you in a strained regard based on your past acts…… but they do. Do you get angry? Not at all, what you do is gather an understanding that you can then empower yourself with. What’s imperative is that you remove yourself from those realms of judgment and that will decrease the likeliness of it happening, over and over. Move to different villages and place yourself around new people that can accept the NEW YOU. Continue to live your life to be better and don’t ever allow anyone to make you a prisoner of the past!