Thursday, May 19, 2011



The other day, I was in a conversation and found myself emphasizing the importance of direction within the parameters of writing. I couldn't help but expound on two important components ......."Concept and Content", that are truly the meat and potatoes of any body of written material. As Writer's, the very first thing we are all challenged within our creation is formulating an interesting concept which usually doesn't come easy. I'm sure that this will pose an early challenge at the beginning stages of writing your manuscript.  As we murmur to ourselves "What will I write about", rarely does inspiration come from that question. I've come to realize that you can't gauge where the inspiration will stem from so just expect it to come at any time. In choosing the concept, I suggest that you be as candid, original and innovative—as possible. After you've defined the concept, the next step is compiling content that will be complimentary and parallel—if not, it will only destroy a great concept. So that's my small bit I wanted to share with you on what will be the meat and potatoes of your book. After all, you want a product that is interesting, engaging and appealing to your reader..... Good Luck!

Sunday, May 8, 2011



I wanted to take the time to wish each and every Mother a very------Happy Mother's Day. I'm forever grateful for my Mother and the Mother of my Children for being consistent and always delivering their exceptional best. As Matriarch's, there isn't enough words to express the magnitude and significance of her role-----It all begins with her strength to carry another person for nine-months, survive labor and deliver a gift to the universe. At times, I know that you may all feel that your efforts go unnoticed or maybe even downplayed but your selfless acts and sacrifices will never be in vain. Whatever you do or have done to substantiate that your children and families are more than good, you are immensely appreciated and WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!