Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Old School vs New School Ideals.....Ethics/Morals/Values"

Last night on LET IT BE KNOWN LIVE RADIO we discussed the present ideals in comparison to where it was yesterday. Different times called for different measures so there has been a lot that has contributed to the lack of RESPECT that we see in today's society. With challenging the issues, we were able to deliver many different approaches for a solution. Touching on family, parenting and relationships the topic provoked a lot of insightful input from our listeners......listen back to the podcast here:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Getting over a BAD RELATIONSHIP that possibly leads to being SCORNED"

On our previous segment of LET IT BE KNOWN LIVE RADIO we discussed "Scorned Women and Men due to Bad Relationships in their past." The listener's raised numerous points as well as the panel on how a person reaches the point of being scorned, a title that both genders don't easily admit being. One major reason behind a person being scorned and damaged going forward is when there was a breach in trust caused by infidelity. This was a good one..... Listen back to the podcast:

Monday, September 19, 2011



All too often we spend a substantial amount of time in our lives running away from real issues...... STOP RIGHT HERE. This is one that maybe the person to the left or right of you is dealing with right now. Sadly, this day in time there are so many couples (married and unmarried) where one spouse sleeping in a different part of the house. Instead of releasing themselves of what has led to frustration and misery, they instead continue to live like roommates. How does it reach this point?  Someone becomes disconnected from their side creating the imbalance. This energy quickly spreads into many other areas outside of the bedroom. Why do they stay? They stay out of Security and the Fear of leaving.  The harsh fact is that the relationship has been downgraded to a situation. Either both work together to repair what is wrong or just part ways and assume a friendship.

Emphatically, things will get even funkier when there are children involved, becoming pupils to what is perceived as pure unhealthiness. That message that's conveyed to them is that their parents aren't in harmony and where harmony is lacking, there is NO LOVE. On the flip side, it also paints a picture that this is practical and acceptable which we know is far from the case. It is no secret that the foundation of family begins at the top which is why finding the solution is so imperative. If you are currently living under this arrangement, you must eliminate the fear of moving on and make your goal of pursuing a healthy reality, your priority. Doing better begins with understanding that we can do better but as people we tend to settle for worse.

Make it WORK or go your separate WAYS!

Thursday, September 8, 2011



We must not forget that with each day granted we will be challenged with a slew of things that will test our faith. I can attest to you that if your belief is in God, all of what is for you can't be altered. You are not alone—we have all experienced those times in our lives when we come across a fork in the road that either slows us down or forces us to just stop. As we reflect, we are diligently searching for the cause. Once we achieve an understanding it is then that we inherit a new strength.

 Little do you know, you have not only gained clarity but you have also rejected DEFEAT. Had we allowed that variable to idle us in acceptance, we would have given life to our own demise. If you accept defeat, you are only destroying what SHOULD BE. I can't stress to you enough how imperative it is to not allow anything to have their way with you; allowing something to impede you from progressing, transitioning and prospering. As a part of the journey, just keep in mind that as the blessings come, there is a string of adversity to combat them. Toughen up and prepare to fight for what you know has been designed just for you. 

Be strong, be ready!

Saturday, September 3, 2011




SEX is probably one of the most intense activities attached to sensation, almost sharper than the fulfillment of eating to a food deprived stomach. For many, our understanding of sex is surface and we automatically make a conjunction to the physical aspect. I find that too many of us are centered with the misconception that attraction is based soulfully on one's looks instead of the exchange of energy—not touch—energy. As a man, I find it interesting when women don’t have the skill set to understand the psyche of a man. Instead, they believe that all men can be controlled by sex. Real men get tired of mundane physical-interactions that only act as temporary fixes to a need for something bigger and deeper. Too often we get consumed by the physical aspect of Sex, neglecting the other dimensions of pleasure. My stance has always been—SEX IS MENTAL, the climax of the physical is a spark that may last all of a few minutes. However, when you have the ability to mentally stimulate, mentally penetrate, and provide an orgasmic reaction to the brain cells—the connection is life altering.

Both genders are guilty of sexual misinterpretations that lead them to situations that do not end well, by placing the physical first.  Women automatically assume all men are driven primarily towards sex—and in most incidents it’s true. Their [Men] ideology is that, she should be wiling (consensually) to be intimate with him before he can even consider her other qualities—yes, there are some that shallow. Women will use their sexuality as both a ploy and tactic, to gain leverage in areas they deem will be beneficial—actions that will usually result in a high level of compromise. Anything that is physically derived will lack substance because two people have invested in the moment of temptation.  We need to take the time to sharpen our abilities to create these bridges outside of the obvious physical connections!

Check out the podcast of the show discussion on LET IT BE KNOWN LIVE RADIO for "Mental Sex"