Thursday, September 8, 2011



We must not forget that with each day granted we will be challenged with a slew of things that will test our faith. I can attest to you that if your belief is in God, all of what is for you can't be altered. You are not alone—we have all experienced those times in our lives when we come across a fork in the road that either slows us down or forces us to just stop. As we reflect, we are diligently searching for the cause. Once we achieve an understanding it is then that we inherit a new strength.

 Little do you know, you have not only gained clarity but you have also rejected DEFEAT. Had we allowed that variable to idle us in acceptance, we would have given life to our own demise. If you accept defeat, you are only destroying what SHOULD BE. I can't stress to you enough how imperative it is to not allow anything to have their way with you; allowing something to impede you from progressing, transitioning and prospering. As a part of the journey, just keep in mind that as the blessings come, there is a string of adversity to combat them. Toughen up and prepare to fight for what you know has been designed just for you. 

Be strong, be ready!

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