Monday, September 19, 2011



All too often we spend a substantial amount of time in our lives running away from real issues...... STOP RIGHT HERE. This is one that maybe the person to the left or right of you is dealing with right now. Sadly, this day in time there are so many couples (married and unmarried) where one spouse sleeping in a different part of the house. Instead of releasing themselves of what has led to frustration and misery, they instead continue to live like roommates. How does it reach this point?  Someone becomes disconnected from their side creating the imbalance. This energy quickly spreads into many other areas outside of the bedroom. Why do they stay? They stay out of Security and the Fear of leaving.  The harsh fact is that the relationship has been downgraded to a situation. Either both work together to repair what is wrong or just part ways and assume a friendship.

Emphatically, things will get even funkier when there are children involved, becoming pupils to what is perceived as pure unhealthiness. That message that's conveyed to them is that their parents aren't in harmony and where harmony is lacking, there is NO LOVE. On the flip side, it also paints a picture that this is practical and acceptable which we know is far from the case. It is no secret that the foundation of family begins at the top which is why finding the solution is so imperative. If you are currently living under this arrangement, you must eliminate the fear of moving on and make your goal of pursuing a healthy reality, your priority. Doing better begins with understanding that we can do better but as people we tend to settle for worse.

Make it WORK or go your separate WAYS!

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