Friday, April 22, 2011



 You can be present and still be invisible...... what does that mean? It means, you're not doing anything for your voice to be heard or your presence to be felt.  It's like being in a room and no one even notices that you're there. Sometimes it's not only what we're doing that makes a difference but what we're not doing. The only way to get a point across is to actually step out into the realm and make your presence known. 

There are so many people gifted with a radiant presence; unfortunately it's only displayed in private with themselves. When in public the same person is nowhere to be found. Keeping your true persona hidden in the dark doesn’t do you any good.  Actually, it will only impede you from the enormous potential that you could have attracted to yourself. I think we all would agree that outgoing and assertive individuals increase their opportunities. So, why place limits on yourself when there is so much to gain, concur and execute.

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