Monday, April 11, 2011



As an author that has chosen to pursue my own writing passions, I have a lot of aspiring writers that ask me "what is the first step in writing a book". Well, first I just want to say it’s awesome when you make a decision to pursue your passions and move to bring them into fruition. Now, I do my best to share input that may actually help others so here is what I suggest—the first thing you want to do is determine the direction you want to go in; fiction or non-fiction. Once you have decided on that you should proceed in coming up with a title and concept. Do your best to be original and innovative with the direction of your content as you begin to work on forming the manuscript? What is the Manuscript? It is another word for book before its final and made physical. One thing I strongly suggest is making bullet points of your ideas which can potentially provoke a chain of thoughts that will lead to a writing frenzy. Before you know it, you will begin to write pages and begin to see your idea taking form page by page. The more you write the more ideas that will come to you. I hope that this helps those that are itching to take the jump at writing a book!


  1. I don't know if this is helpful, as I'm not a published author - yet. I was fifty-five before I started writing. My kids thought I should pen some of my fantasies so, what the hell, I gave it a shot. After 300,000 words, half written in a couple of months, I realize I'm still a long way from calling myself a writer. But I believe I can weave a pretty interesting yarn. Most my writings started off from lucid dreams I wrote down the instant I woke up, and used as outlines. Then I started writing and refused to leave until the tale was finished. Like Michener (wish I was that good,)I'm not much of a writer, but a much better re-writer. It is of great importance to get the story on paper or in Word as quickly as the idea occurs. Like any artist or composer, you can always come back and fine tune it, but it's easy to lose that spark of imagination if you don't write it down. If you have an ounce of creativity, you should share it with the cosmos and a world full of hungry readers. We can't wait to devour it.

  2. You appear to have connected with a wrenching passion that some of us are unable to do. That is truly the beginning for any writer, followed with a knack for the direction that you want to go in (that you have done). There are obvious layers to bringing it all together but you have covered the hardest part. I agreed with your post and appreciate you sharing your thoughts.