Friday, April 1, 2011



After spending many years as an Entertainment Manager in the music industry and working as a Manager in the corporate sector, I wanted to share my outlook on two assets that are extremely important to every artist.....Talent and Character. Emphasizing the disparity of the two on many occasions, I've witnessed how they work hand in hand in completing your persona and creating an identity as an artist. If you're in business you must understand—TALENT will get you in a position to showcase your gifts but CHARACTER will keep you there.  Regardless of the forum, these two attributes will play a major part in your path to success and actually sustaining your success after you've accomplished it. The two form a marriage, coming together to truly define a person's "make-up" and ability to bring others into their world. If not, the talent can be attractive and the character doesn't make the cut. If this transpires (which I've seen often) it diminishes the potential growth in one's artistry from all aspects. The proactive and curable process is development, there is no way around it and the goal should be gaining maturity and proficiency in both talent and character. For example, we have all witnessed the self-inflicted sabotage of those that are successful, who regrettably do something that is outlandish and distasteful.  Such foolish acts leave talents and artist open to the public's judgment and assessment of their character. Although, we are all human and will fall short, there shouldn't be constant blunders repeated. If so, it's time to re-evaluate our person and give that area immediate attention. We're not perfect but why not aim for it by encompassing both the talent and the character to compliment our person!



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