Tuesday, June 7, 2011



Dear Men...........Contrary to popular belief, your anatomy is not the only thing that substantiates you being a Man.  There is much more to it—manhood does encompass your beliefs, ideal's, values, perspective's and actions.  It's then his responsibility to carry a demeanor that doesn't contradict all of those components. This blog post is based on my reaction of constantly hearing so many Women express their disdain toward men. Emphatically, they believe that men have opted to remain or regress to being—GROWN BOYS.

A "Grown Boy"...... A man (physically) but the other attributes of his manhood have not been developed. Yet, despite being immature and undeveloped, he in his mind feels there is nothing wrong with him. One strong factor depriving many of our men of their necessary growth is never having a man or a father in their life to teach them how to be a man. Either he is an absentee father or one that is ineffective, either way he has failed.  As a result, year after year you get a person that has sustained the behavior of a teenager, refusing to grow up. By avoiding responsibility and having no inclination of their role as a man they create pressure for everyone associated with them. 

As he enters the world to date and co-exist with women, she has to deal with and inherit the burden and responsibility of re-raising him.  She's also forced to assume his role because he has chosen to relinquish it on his own. Men must understand that if you don't want to be the man, she will unhappily take over where you left off. To add more insult to injury, when these men procreate and have their own sons they pass on the same antics to them—That is how the ongoing cycle of infectious behavior becomes, Generational Curses.

Ladies, I do feel your pain and acknowledge your struggles but I'm going to end on this note..... I do think that some of you continue to make these "Grown Boys" worse by pacifying them instead of challenging them. Think about it!

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  1. you could not of said this better, this is so true