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On Wednesday, July 27th we were pleased to have the talented Author Dawn for "Voice of the Author" on Let it Be Known Live RADIO to discuss her debut novel "Everything I Miss at Home". Listen here to the podcast of the Interview: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/letitbeknownlive/2011/07/28/voice-of-the-author-with-guest-authordawn

About the Book

"Everything I Miss At Home" is a sexy and dramatic thrill ride of a novel that's emotional highs and lows read like a roller coaster ride. Karma, lust, ambition, greed, and life collide as fading athlete Nikki Brown, her corporate upstart girlfriend Erin Powell, and Erin's sexy assistant Devyn McAllister play winner take all with each other's lives. The debut novel from author Dawn is a deliciously addictive narrative that feels like a dark fantasy solidly in touch with real life. Dawn effortlessly directs Everything I Miss At Home from the boardroom, to the bedroom, and to the streets crafting a suspenseful, salacious, and soul stirring look at love and life through the character's eyes.

About the Author

Dawn is a pop culture journalist and author. Her edgy writing style and fearless insight cook up a sweet and spicy mix of food for thought that is distinct and satisfying. Dawn often pulls from real life experience as well being an avid reader, listener,lover of music, and traveler who pulls from reality to create thought provoking and tongue in cheek entertainment that challenges readers to examine their own behavior and lives. Witty with a wicked sense of humor and a colorful view on life, love, and relationships, Dawn is eager to share Everything I Miss At Home with the reader's of the universe. As a self published author, Dawn embodies the entrepreneurial and motivational spirit that also inspires and shows the attainability of personal dreams and goals.

"Everything I Miss at Home" is available at:


and local Bookstores

Note from the publisher of post: 

"Voice of the Author" is a segment of "Let it Be Known Live" Radio which showcases Authors and their projects every last Wednesday of the month. If you are interested in being interviewed on the show, email letitbeknownliveradio@gmail.com with request.

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