Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"PARENTS.... that work against one another"

 On our latest segment of LET IT BE KNOWN LIVE RADIO we discussed the imbalance that is created when one parent works against the other. Many times, these feuds are often driven by the personal vengeance of one that turns into something that has nothing to do with the children. We are appreciative of being able to use a platform to share our perspectives on some of the things that are very prevalent in today's society. To our surprise, it was very interesting to have a single father call in and share his stance and own experience...... listen here to the podcast of the show

Thursday, February 16, 2012


On our latest segment of LET IT BE KNOWN LIVE RADIO....... we discussed how imperative it is for one to protect their peace, serenity and spirit. All too often we are under attack from those that are attempting to recruit us into misery and destroy our balance. By identifying with what is not for our betterment we can safeguard ourselves from these energy and spirit vampires that prey on our happiness. They come in the form of friends, family and even spouses, attacking you most when you are vulnerable. Everyone knows someone that is pessimistic and relishes in the negative, totally pushing anything that remotely resembles positivity to the curb. Be strong and mindful in keeping your spirit intact and free of vampires!

  Listen back to the podcast here

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


 On our latest segment of LET IT BE KNOWN LIVE RADIO  The show was on fire tonight and we addressed the division that is forced in the Black community. The problems lie from within as we sponsor inferior resistance toward one another as West Indians, Jamaicans, Africans separate themselves from African-Americans .....why??? when we are all BLACK. Listen back to the podcast here:

Thursday, February 2, 2012


On our latest segment of LET IT BE KNOWN LIVE RADIO we discussed the variable that makes you step away from a friendship or relationship.  A Deal-Breaker is basically something that can't or can no longer be tolerated which should result in a person moving forward. So its safe to say that is a question of tolerance. In some cases, some of us choose to ignore the Deal-Breaker (despite identifying with it) and work with that variable anyway. As we often find out......everyone's not built to be a GOOD FRIEND or RELATIVE, clearly because they are not willing to commit to the necessary work it requires to be loyal, supportive and obedient toward the responsibility. Betrayal, integrity, support were some of the consistent things that were mentioned on such a good show with alot of awesome input..... Listen back and enjoy the podcast here;