Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What comes FIRST, Love or Security in making Your Choice in a Spouse?


Initially, people are motivated in a relationship either by the potential of receiving Love or Security. Although Love is needed, it can only be substantiated when two people are reciprocating the action to one another. On the other hand who doesn't want someone that is fully capable of providing and or contributing  the security needed for a successful union.  In some cultures, love is not an issue when choosing a mate and instead its mandatory that a person has the ability to provide security first and allowing love to follow.  

My question to you.........  Are you looking for Security or Love FIRST when it comes to making your choice in a spouse?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

AUTHORS, Why INDIE and not the TRADITIONAL route in putting your book out?


 As a new author preparing to release my first novel under my own imprint, I decided on the Indie route clearly to maintain control of my own vision. Honestly, I initially entertained the traditional route by shopping my manuscript but that quickly dwindled after realizing how it just wouldn't work in my favor. For one, the lack of control, royalty splits and input clearly were points that didn't interest me at all. As talented self-pub authors are growing in swarms, I'm sure everyone has a reason behind their decision ........... WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO REMAIN "INDIE" AND NOT GO "TRADITIONAL"? 

Thursday, March 17, 2011



I wanted to share my thoughts on taking the traditional route to anything..... Let me know your thoughts because here are my own.

There is a word that moves me when I hear it "Traditional". Who says it has to be done a certain way? Why can't you make a new way instead of following suite and playing it safe? Cliché is expected, it's a natural reaction of the traditional mindset. The world we live in now, people have retired from the notion of being innovative and raising the bar by just plainly watching what works for others and following that lead. Born and bred in New York City, that never will sit well with me because all I've seen in my lifetime are non-traditional practices, trends being set and doors being kicked in by being different. The attitude has always been paralleled with the follow up of going against the grain, moving in a totally separate direction from what is expected.

I encourage you to be a leader of your intentions and execution, aim to be exceptional in every facet of your quest. I'm not saying that you can't be effective being traditional, it’s that we have enough people doing it. We need to constantly challenge and raise the bar, starting with being fearless and innovative. This will not only raise that bar but also offspring into individuality and originality, and then we kill the clichés and cheap remixes of what is being done, or has been done.  So—go in a different direction, take people on a different ride!

Monday, March 7, 2011



Nothing in life is SWEET when it holds the intentions of enforcing your purpose, we all must expect to go through SOMETHING to gain SOMETHING. However, the real question is—do you know your true purpose? While most of us struggle to answer this intricate question, others use their very existence to confront life and gain this much wanted answer. But why do so many of us lack the tenacity and focus needed to move in the right direction; ultimately providing a resolution to one of life’s greatest enigmas—discovery of one’s life purpose. Metaphorically, I find it to be like stumbling around in a dark room, attempting to find a light switch that will guide and provide enlightenment towards over-standing, of why we’re really here. 

Oddly, sometimes our purpose is pursuing us and we don’t even know it. Instead we grow frantic as the clock of [life] ticks, feeling pressured to pursue the finding of life’s “calling.”It’s not always easy to remain patient as life unveils its many test and lessons. Nevertheless, all must welcome life with initiative and motivation, trusting that its answers will provide a tailored gift, one that is set in place to support us as we fulfill our life’s work. Whether it is for you to be a schoolteacher, pastor, social worker, doctor, photographer, musician, youth counselor or mentor you already encompass everything  you need inside of you; reasons why I have always remained adamant in saying over and over, “One’s purpose is to define their true purpose and then everything makes sense.”

Clearly, we are all a part of the puzzle called co-existence where each of us connects to compliment the purpose of one another. Ironically, others will find out their purpose through your own findings.  However, what should one’s course of action be........when they are amongst the many that have not yet determined life’s purpose? It’s simple—firmly presses forward and strike at opportunities that gear towards where your passions, interest and heartfelt desires may lie. If one remains determined and receptive to their surroundings, I do believe that divine navigation will guide you towards your true meaning(s). Moving forward once we have made the connection to our purpose, it’s now our RESPONSIBILITY to put our gift to good use by impacting others and the world in general!