Saturday, February 12, 2011



As February 14th,  “the celebration of St. Valentine” makes its entrance into each year, it’s a day for lovers to express their love, passion and admiration toward one another for an entire 24-hours. Love is in the air, rose petals, chocolate’s, and cards are being exchanged as the potential for new relationships are being birthed and existing relationships gain rejuvenation. On the other hand, what we don’t acknowledge are the many MISCONCEPTIONS the day brings………. Irrationally, some feel their future husband, wife, or soul-mate will magically land in their lap, just in time for Valentines Day. Now realistically, I could see this happening through the combination of both faith and motivation, but not just because the arrival of a holiday called Valentine’s Day. One day will not conjure up a solution to plug the void you’ve been trying to fill for years. Not to mention , the clueless lover that believes they’re in a monogamous relationship. Foolishly, they think it’s all about them when in actuality it may be about someone else—yes, some find out exactly what position they play and that position is not being the main event. For others, year after year, holiday after holiday, they spend alone despite being in a relationship, all the while their partner is enjoying this time with the person they really want to be with. Every Valentine’s Day millions pathetically wallow over a love that truly was never theirs, instead of gladly accepting the true gift---- CLARITY.   

Nevertheless, it’s understandable that no one wants to be alone on V-Day but why do many pretend as if they’re ok with being alone……. Which we know is not anyone’s objective.  It’s an amazing feeling to be loved and recognized so missing out on that is not an easy pill to swallow. Particularly  women, take this day very personal and absolutely dread spending it ALONE.  Men, on the other hand, whether in a relationship or not just go with the flow. Being alone can provoke anxiety and pressure—so it forces a reaction during this season, where people will shamelessly meet someone with the inclination of just fulfilling the purpose of the day. We can’t forget to highlight the economic affect, since  countless get caught up in the hype who can’t afford it; spending money outside of their means to create a image that they can’t withhold. Ironically, this excitement is incurred during “Tax Season” which only  enables  people to finance the false image of purchasing power that they wouldn’t  have any other time of the year. Superficially  adding to the  publicity that the bigger the gift the more your loved. When it’s all over, it’s like waking up from a dream as they resort back to being the same person that’s still  looking for love—Real love lies within the core of our person and not at the mercy of others. Of the remaining 364 days out of the year we’re our own Valentine’s and should be grateful for that possession to the fullest!!!

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