Thursday, February 17, 2011



With the dawn of every morning brings endless opportunities ……..each of us rise to the blessing of being granted another shot to better our yesterday. Yet, for so many of us our first thoughts are consumed with the foreseeable obstacles which we know will be faced throughout the extent of the day.  Quietly in thought—our heartbeat begins to pick up speed as we think about the things that are currently creating pressure in our lives. The truth is that we all privately struggle with these feelings day after day. Millions of us are beginning and ending our days the same way¸ stressed with concerns that have deprived us of both—our inner and outer peace. We fight to differ but are common in so many ways, to the point that some will create stigmas toward others in an effort to make a distinction by using prejudices. These biases are usually contingent on financial status, race, sexual preference, cultural background or even the address to one’s residence. Realistically, those that have been led to believe they were immune to disease, economical conditions, political agendas, environmental disasters, and all the inevitable worldly transgressions and events are forced to wake up.
The lack of Money is its own hurdle and monster, it’s also the absence of power and options………..where one stands financially and also their credit will separate DESIRES from tangible POSSESSIONS—the Boys from the Girls. But not everyone is willing to accept not having “Purchasing Power”, possessing the ability to buy what they need or finance what they want. That’s something I’ve witnessed firsthand working with various clients as a Real Estate Broker, seeing many different faces during the process of looking to become a homeowner. After reviewing credentials and crunching numbers, it not only humbled them but devastated them to find out that they were not in a position to make the “American Dream” a reality. Understandably, Banks have been administered by the government to handle, monitor and disperse funds to qualified consumers BUT they have taken a stance as if the money is THEIR OWN.

There are many versions of adversity we’re often faced with—none of which are selective in claiming its culprits. Issues such as unemployment, divorce, infidelity, real estate depreciation, rising education cost,  inflation, Cancer, Diabetes, or AIDS—we’re all vulnerable to the risk of being affected by the rising, countless epidemics that continue to plague our lives. In the event, that our endurance is tested—it’s your experience and no one can gauge how misfortune or tragedy will impact you, (as we all may agree) everyone responds to a crisis differently. Usually, challenges hit us from a blind spot, catching us off guard, leaving us to deal with the devastation in shock and panic. Without debate, some of us feel that life would be a lot easier if you knew what to expect—I say all of the time that the game of  life will indeed hand you dilemma’s. Some of which you will have solutions for while others you will not. Interesting enough, once life does hand you a card out of its deck, the question is—are you up for the challenge!   

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