Go Gettaz Publications is a North Carolina based Publishing Company founded by entrepreneur Al King. As a visionary and full-spirited entrepreneur, he founded Go Gettaz Publications to launch his author penned project "Let it be Known: The Al King Point of View" and create a literary publishing giant.  He credits an extensive background in management that spans over twenty years for further molding his business acumen. Having worked with many clients in the music and television industry, that experience has enabled him to establish a formidable and credible reputation as a shrewd businessman. Combining the foresight, zeal and expertise, he is monumentally driven to bring the Go Gettaz Publications brand to the universal forefront! 

The company's debut release is the motivational and inspirational book "Let it Be Known" The Al King Point of View by Author Al King. In this intense non-fiction book, he shares his perspective on what we all face in our daily walks of life but also provides insightful solutions. Very instrumental to his outlook was the experiences he obtained coming from the inner-city. By using that foundation to catapult himself to higher expectations, he was able to beat the odds and destroy the many stigma's that are often placed on minorities. Throughout the book, he was able to deliver a direct and sincere tone which he is certain will engage and commit the reader in many ways.  COMING IN 2012!!!!

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