Saturday, July 23, 2011

"There's a MARKET for Everyone..... You just have to find it."


  With finding your significant other it's often said that there is someone for everyone. If we were to apply that same theory to business, there's a MARKET for everyone...... you just have to find it.  I can assure you that anyone that has assembled an idea and vision that they're looking to execute, attached to it were the words "I know there's a market out there for me." This is true but the question is…… are you going to find it?  Well, if this is any consolation, we have an entire planet full of billions of people that are looking to embrace something new. It certainly poses a challenge in determining how you will link your product with a market that has yet to be discovered.

First, what I believe will help you in finding your market is having INTEGRITY behind what you intend on putting in the hands of others. Ask yourself—is this product an honest expression of both ME and my TALENTS. Secondly, why am I doing this? The answers to these questions will begin to create a collage of purpose that others can then connect and identify with. As a result, that connection will enable you to carve a niche in what you're doing—it is then that you will realize that you have found your market. Lastly, we all desire success but we very seldom take the time to understand why we want it and how will we reach others to obtain it. Remember, we all differ in preference which is why there's a market for everyone!


  1. This is very true. I think based on fear of failing or rejection contributes to an individual taking that step . I know for myself I have many envisions that I want to see put forth but I just don't know where to begin..

  2. Sis..... the courage to be fearless doesn't come easy at all. Fear impedes some of us from moving forward as an excuse and not a reason. FAITH is the cure and motivational factor to overcome it.