Friday, September 28, 2012



 Someone, somewhere is going through something. We are all faced with something that will test our stamina so don’t feel special, it’s a natural process of living out your journey and walk. When your stamina is tested, you can be a conqueror or a defeated entity. To be a winner in the end it requires the workings of reaching deep inside our core. What you will find is the tool and necessary ingredient that we all possess………STRENGTH. If you fail to do so and succumb to the feat one has underestimated the power of this force that lies inside each of us. That Strength is must be permissible to work its capabilities and everything will align in your favor. Be clear, adversity and obstacles are designed to be a stepping stone and test. They are not to be treated as permanent conditions or things that are intended to destroy your destiny. I implore that you use your will, faith and strength to capture the blessings that have been tailored just for you—without any discretion.  

Find your Strength, remain Strong!

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