Saturday, October 20, 2012



You see it constantly……Haters are supported more than actual supporters.  Those that will do everything in the best interest of a person are treated like the enemy and outcast. There’s so much wrong with that picture but it’s going on right now as you read this post. Honestly, a lot of us have no idea who our allies are but can tell you in a heartbeat who’s against us. It’s a concentrated force that is sustained for what doesn’t help us in any way or form. To make matters worse they are automatically attracted to what inflicts pain on them. People tend to make it their extreme mission in wasting so much energy in honoring who’s against them instead of who’s for them.  What does that mean? It simply means that you have chosen to only focus on the energy that is non-complimentary that has stemmed from sources that are obviously against you. 

Identification is a blessing when you are able to obtain clarity in realizing who isn’t for you. What you should do is take that affirmation and simply keep it moving. Instead, what most of you will do is find yourself pouring all of this focus into it knowing it doesn’t help you. Meanwhile, you fail to invest in who’s for you. Again, this self-inflicted confusion is something you must disconnect from immediately.  As you know, whatever you give life to with your energy and focus will become your life—present and future. A natural part of life is that people will live and die, come and go. You’re not going to mesh with everyone that you come across but what I do know is that you will have tons of people that you will.

Keep those that are complimentary in your life and remove those that aren’t!

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