Thursday, November 8, 2012



You can’t force what will be because what will be......simply will be. I don’t care how much you attempt to pressure things into the universe things will happen divinely. Am I saying that prayers are not answered? Not at all….. There are just absolutely no accidents in the universe and every result is a calculated journey. I know some of you are experiencing a strong desire to make some things happen through your sheer determination and may possibly feel things are not moving quick enough. That is totally fine but there are seasons for every seed to sprout. It’s very hard to accept that realization in why something may not be coming into manifestation when you need results NOW. Keep in mind that a process will always come before the results.

Quite essentially, your patience and respect for that process is what will invoke the growth of that seed. I don’t care how much you attempt to rush it, if it’s not time, it’s just not time. Life gets in the way as we work to keep our essentials in place, bills paid and the rigorous demands of being responsible create an emotion all on their own. We’re always looking to find stability and peace in what we know as ……  All of this is heightened when we are responsible for others in our role as providers. I wanted to share these words with you because sometimes we need to hear an echo of what we already know…. So allow things to move in alignment without fretting and remain poise as your season arrives! 

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