Monday, October 31, 2011



Possessing the Fire within is something that we all should be working to attain and sustain. How can we accomplish anything without first having the will to do so?   That is exactly where the fire in your core comes right into the equation. Having that fire pushes the walk behind the talk. For example, we all have ideas that will just remain fancy thoughts if they're not executed and brought to life. Some of you reading this may have already made the connection to this strength within while there are some that are fighting each day to find it. If so, you must first start by assessing everything around you and making some rash changes. There is no motivation without constant stimulation and inspiration. With each of us being eternal students of the teacher called life, our experiences mold and provide us with reason to remain motivated toward fulfilling our purpose. It's often said that we all have to go through something to get through something.

What does the Fire look like? The Fire behind one's drive, determination and motivation becomes a clear indication of someone that wants more today then what they had yesterday. You immediately see the following characteristics exude from person's demeanor; Consistency, Tenacity, Assertion, Aggression and  Focus. These are great qualities that cultivate into a refined Person, one that is set on accomplishing their goals (short and long) by all means. 

Lastly, avoid anything that can dim, harm or destroy the FIRE!

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