Monday, October 3, 2011



  Over and over, I have emphasized the importance of being innovative here on this blog site but you can't do that if you're not doing one thing. That one thing—I must share with you is something that should be a non-negotiable skill-set embedded in your person. One that you need to promptly incorporate into your arsenal of characteristics and that is..........WATCHING THE BOARD. Those that understand the vitality of innovation have taken the time, energy and foresight to create something that surpasses what's typically being done. I think that that we would all agree that it's no easy task to accomplish but how did it come into fruition? They were able to make an assessment of what was working, what wasn't and what was needed. By having that information or "being in the know" enabled them to adequately strategize to gain satisfactory results. Doing the opposite, not watching the board and being speculative in your quest will not get you too far.

Allow me to use myself as an example with my own journey as an author and publisher, soon to be releasing my debut book. In a rapidly growing literary industry, I keep myself abreast with the existing practices and new trends by connecting to everything associated with this sector. With respect for what has worked for others I do understand that those same methods may not necessarily work for me.  The bottom line is that if I weren't paying attention, I wouldn't know as much and would just be gauging everything on what I presumed was happening. That information has enabled me to come up with my own formula so that I can be as proficient and effective as possible. 

Regardless of the industry, here are a few pointers that I hope you find helpful;
  • Research your market, obtain as much facts and information as you can. The more knowledgeable you are the more proficient you will be. Remember that you never have enough information.
  • Study Trends and be receptive to where things are going by respecting where they came from. Keep in mind that there are people looking to make a difference just like you so competition is a sign that there is something to gain.   
  • Knowing who's who there is nothing like knowing who is accredited in your field.
  • Communicate with colleagues that are in your respective industry. Talking to those that have experienced things first hand is a plus.
  • Probe those that have experienced success as well as those that have failed. 

The key is to BE IN THE KNOW and Watching the Board helps you!

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