Thursday, October 20, 2011



I wanted to address something with you all that we seem to encounter in all facets of our lives.....DISTRACTIONS. None of us are exempt from having our focus attacked by this force that will strike at anytime and come in many different forms. Understanding that if you allow any type of distraction to win can be a major detriment to your progress. With that said the more you do to protect yourself the better off you will be.   How do you protect yourself? FOCUS. The more focused you are the least likely any distractions are a factor in your life. The moment you become vulnerable and take your eyes off of your objectives these forces will move right in. Relentlessly, they will sabotage any forward-movement that's in their way with the intent to break it all the way down. 

What are Distractions? Distractions are ANYTHING that's not working in your favor but instead working against your betterment. I like to reference them as road-blocks and banana peels that are positioned in your path when and where you are vulnerable. If they are able to succeed in knocking you off balance, you will be left to first identify the distraction and then redeem yourself from the effect that it has had on you. This will totally place you at a disadvantage. So to avoid that, just be mindful of the fact that what you allow to overcome you will overcome you—it’s really that simple. So that's why it's imperative that you stick to the script and continue to execute the plan....NO MATTER WHAT.

I hope that I was able to feed both your consciousness and clarity, thank you for reading this post.

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