Sunday, January 16, 2011

"HATERS Dont Hate You"


It tickles me to hear someone say "I feed off of the Hate", How do you feed off of something that is negative? The best thing to do is to blatantly ignore it. For a majority of us, some of these haters are imaginary. For example, some people will refute solid and feasible input that is given to them from an outside force, then turn around and label that person a hater when they are in fact an adviser. For those that have legitimate ones, these are usually the people that haven't found a way to befriend, grow or pay homage to you. Their failure to do any of those things will result in what is really admiration and love. Keep in mind, we are living in a time of presumption and speculation, where things are taken for face-value without further inquiry so do you really believe that these opposing forces are moving with validity. The more you exude with positivity and remain righteous in your path, that is all that counts. I'm going to tell you, anyone that is progressive and diligent at accomplishing their goals and objectives will usually experience a lot of resistance from those that have remained idled.  Keep doing you and keep doing what you do because life includes more than one obstacle.

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