Friday, January 21, 2011

The "FEARFUL" will always attempt to persuade the "FEARLESS"


The "FEARFUL" will always attempt to persuade the "FEARLESS" into Stagnation..............The "Fearful" lack faith and will do everything in their power to entice the "Fearless" to abandon their own faith.  What is believed and foreseen by those that understand the power in faith, results in taking the risk by jumping out on a leap of faith—anything that is for you will be there when you land. Life provides us with enough clarity that very little is happening if you or I don't make it happen. Those that are full of fear are only depriving themselves and others that are relying on them, of what may be designed for them to receive. 
It's in no way easy to go outside of the realm that you perceive as security—the things that have made you feel adequate with remaining in your stance. As we all may agree, if something is not growing it is considered idled but does anyone want to admit they have stunted their own growth by means of self-infliction. BEWARE......Those same people will do everything to suppress the driven by re-diverting their ambition with discouragement. Remain in focus as the Fearless are always ready, willing and able to go after what they truly believe is awaiting them....... Destiny.  

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