Monday, January 17, 2011



    "I couldn't do this because _______________" or "I will eventually get to it as soon as I have time", I'm sure you've probably used some of these expressions to exemplify a point that you may or may not had. All too often, we're fast to live by an "Excuse" in comparison to a "Reason”, it makes us feel better about allowing an opportunity to go astray or a breakdown in faith to subdue us. One really doesn't have anything to do with the other........ A reason will come from a place of pure and genuine integrity in a situation. It’s viewed as the bottom line. Living a lifetime of excuses will only substantiate that you have chosen to disregard that you may be the problem, and not others—you.
The blame that we are easily to fire off like a gun is your inability to accept but ability to decline in owning up to responsibility. Each day we are granted it's a mandated responsibility to take the blessing and make it constructive; there is no excuse for doing anything different. You know there are so many days that pass that we have delayed something that was imperative in expediting only to supplement it with something not meaningful. Priorities play an integral part in what we place on the scales of excuse and reason; we are driven by what we deem as important.


  1. I write these blogs and watch them play out as soon as I post them.