Wednesday, January 26, 2011



As we are faced with many different variations of people attempting to bring forth their dreams to reality, one thing that has been very consistent is the lack of individuality that has curtailed innovation. These days, people have become so comfortable with following trends that it has strongly become a major contributor to the setback to a much needed progression.  A good start to becoming exceptional in any sector would be honing in on your craft, this is something that brings an ability to be exceptional in the creative element. What was—no longer exist, there was a time when people took tremendous pride in avoiding the imitation factor of "cookie cutting".  Instead, being original and daring by taking others on a different ride. 

Not everyone is misled.  Those that are able to effectively impact the masses do understand that there is a need for something different, and when delivered through execution that variable will result in a FOLLOWING. Hopefully once such appeal is created, the purpose behind the gain isn't only monetarily, but also includes how the new innovation can affect many others by expanding their understanding.  With this said I invite you to expound on an approach that can change history.  I dare you to be different by thinking outside of every box, inherit non-traditional methods and go in the opposite direction of what has worked for everyone else by being nothing less than INNOVATIVE

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