Friday, August 19, 2011

"LET IT BE KNOWN LIVE" Radio .... "LOVE.... and its POWER"


On our previous segment of  LET IT BE KNOWN LIVE RADIO we had the multi-talented Metronome Pictures, 10 in 2 Productions and Jason O'ffill. The talented tandem not only tackled their viewpoint on LOVE but they also discussed the success of their unofficial video for Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory". The collective effort and great piece of art, epitomizes the power of love which has garnered over 300k views with touching feedback from viewers around the world. Non-stop energy, sincerity and insightful dialogue, it was emphasized that there are is no discrimination behind the force and energy of Love...... check out the podcast here

Check out the unofficial video for Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory"

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