Tuesday, August 23, 2011



With each day granted we sometimes need to be reminded of some of things that we often overlook.  I wanted to share my quick thoughts on Relationships and its significance. For us all, the obvious comes to mind when we hear the word Relationship but we forget how vital it is for us to connect to what we are trying to get accomplished. Remember, we have to be engaged to our intentions. We can't ignore or discount the power of a connection when it's the fire behind all results. Let me say that in a different way "If you don't connect to whatever it is you are looking to get accomplished, nine times out of ten it will not COME INTO FRUITION."

By connecting, committing and aligning, we ultimately affirm that some of our relations will help us and some will not. Those experiences force and shape the design of our person and perspective. As we live and learn, we find that it is advantageous to gravitate to what is worthy of our attention and energy (ie. people, beliefs and principles). This necessary action will lead to a RELATIONSHIP with the source, it is then that we can benefit from their investment!

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