Monday, October 14, 2013



Things are not going your way as frustration grows……it is met with a fight to gain clarity. What’s the reason? Well, life has a way of forcing us to pay attention and think and the only way to get your attention is to throw some challenges in your direction. We don’t realize during the fury of these challenges that we are actually being brought to a conclusive state of peace and resolve. Gathering this much needed lesson will only define that understanding. So stop asking……What did I do to deserve this?  Be thankful that you have been chosen to go through something. It’s often said that “You have to go through something to get through something.” Most of us will still question it all because we have this false sense of entitlement and believe we should just receive without any friction, any hardships or challenges. In no way does life work that way. We should all be the recipients of blessings but don’t get consumed into believing that there’s guarantees set aside for you. There’s one thing that most of us refuse to accept and that’s where we become our biggest detractors to ourselves by not ……….being honest with ourselves.

Being honest requires becoming vulnerable from within and not being self-biased. One must build the courage to face your choices and decisions head on so are you willing to man up? That inner-reflection will only bring forth a truth that you need for your overall clarity which is exactly what you need to move forward. By us dissecting ourselves it makes us accountable. We are achieving balance that most want but refuse to take the necessary steps to attain it. This will eradicate the negative stance of just pointing fingers and blaming someone else for the position that we currently stand in. It will always be easy to do that instead of working on being bigger and better in our holistic approaches. How can we live without having integrity to ourselves? We can’t.   Again, it’s about accepting the ramifications of what we felt at one time was the right decision and choice.  All of us should constantly be under construction by working to be better and more. By making the necessary strides to improve our circumstances we must first identify with what is versus what should be.  

I want to leave you with a few thoughts ………

Are we working to maximize our potential as a person, friend, relative, parent or spouse? Have you learned from your past without becoming a prisoner of the past? Do you accomplish your goals you set and not start something that you never finish? Do you have expectations of others that you don’t have for yourself?  In answering those questions, you have to be honest. Don’t waste time chasing your tail by failing to look in that mirror because you fear facing YOUR truth. Nothing will change if you’re not willing to change your perspective!




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