Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Dear Youth,

I have been very moved to write to you all because of the influx of violence......... just this past weekend in New York City alone there were six murders out of twenty-six shootings. That’s a mere reflection of the violent decisions that are being made to handle disagreements, misunderstandings, envy, jealousy and all issues. It’s become evident that violent measures are continuously outweighing rationale approaches. We all know someone that has died at the hands of gun violence. Hearing the news on these recent incidents it’s just awful because there are families being ripped apart with scars that will never heal. You can’t replace a life once it’s gone. If this unacceptable madness continues the youth will become endangered species. Will we continue this endemic and disrespect for human life and continue to kill one another?  When will it stop? How many people we have to lose every weekend?  I share my voice with you as a concerned parent, human, and Black Man that’s from the very same element that these violent expressions play out in—the urban environment.  Sadly, seeing this in the present quickly brings me back to the crack era that I grew up in where bloodshed was typical. Having experienced my fair share of turmoil and mayhem at the time was indescribable. To be honest, I’m still traumatized by the many different things I have embedded in my memory of those times. Forced to hear gunshots and seeing many lives lost was just a normal occurrence. Seeing enough of it to desensitize you where you sort of knew what to expect.   I am very appreciative to have survived those dismal conditions of the inner-city or the jungle (so to speak) because so many weren’t able to do so. In a perfect world, we should all be able to reside in a civilized setting and not fear for our lives each time we leave our homes. How about not facing the possibility of being a victim of gun violence and placed at the mercy of someone that has no regard for the life of others…... based on how they feel that day.  We all think about what goes through the mind of a person that can savagely take the life of another human and not feel any remorse for doing so.

As parents, we are producing children right along with characteristics and traits of violence at the same time. By not teaching them through example we are only forcing them to learn from the pressures of the environment.  They go out into the world and learn from the angry and frustrated people that have no idea how to channel their emotions—those that will take all of those emotions out on someone that has nothing to do with it. We all know that problems do not discriminate whether you are young or old. Unfortunately, violence has become the chosen form of expression because we don’t know how to communicate and resolve our indifferences with one another.  I also believe that these acts of violence stem from a deep-rooted hate for one another that has become an instinct and natural reaction. So how are we going to tackle this problem and reach a solution?  First, we can only destroy this mindset by proving that there are other alternatives to approaching a problem, feeding your ego and garnering attention instead of resorting to violence.  The mission is about taking that split second of irrationality away and not making it something that will forever alter the lives of everyone involved.  Directly or indirectly, we are all affected in some way which is why it’s important that we learn from these incidents so that we diminish the reality of losing our boys and men early in their lives. We will never know what potential of greatness is being taken from our universe all because someone feels they have the right to take the life of another. My heart and prayers go out to every family that has had to face the unfortunate incident of violence. You are all very meaningful and significant and play an integral part to our tomorrow, I thank you all that have taken the time to read this post and let’s be people of change!
                                                                AL KING

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