Tuesday, February 26, 2013



We face some adversity and the first thing we say to ourselves is ……. Why Me? Well, let me tell you something that you need to hear. First, do you say why me when things are going your way? I highly doubt it. In a very interesting way we are specifically chosen for each battle and it’s never one that we can’t overcome. We are taken for a ride where we may even be stripped of everything that we have, getting all the way to our very low. That happens because GOD requires your undivided attention and wants you to have no distractions as he converses to you through the experience. He knows that he must shake your entire world up to get your attention, taking away even some of the essentials that you need but will never leave you with nothing. In the end, you will thank him for being sacrificed and used as an example that will help others as you thicken your testimony and champion your feat. This process has nothing to do with karma but purpose. It’s very important to recognize that we must be refined in order to realize both our plight and purpose. Personally, it had taken me some time to accept that some of the things that had been thrown at me were divinely orchestrated just for me to attain the hard lesson.

Days and nights, I would sit and wallow in my reality and ask that same question because my circumstances seemed unfair and unjust. It wasn’t until I begin to face and accept the choices and decisions that I made that I begin to see the reason behind it all. We refuse to be accountable and responsible for our today and tomorrow based on what we did yesterday and for every action there is a reaction. We can’t get somewhere without going through something in the form of humility to reach the destination. That somewhere is a significant piece of our ultimate purpose. Do you really think that anything that’s worth having and honoring will come without some form of turbulence? Most of us want everything to come our way without any bumps in the road, smooth sailing where we just ride off into the sunset.  It’s not until life intervenes and forces us to appreciate our simplest blessings that we get it. Once we have gotten through it all I can assure you it will feel like we never went through it. I know that many of you may be enduring something that has you wanting to give up but I implore that you continue to push in order to get through it. Remember, all you need is a teardrop of faith to get through anything. The impossible is always a step away from being possible!

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