Wednesday, January 2, 2013



Happy New Year!

We should all be appreciative and grateful for being granted a new start full of potential to receive an abundance of new blessings. This is an opportunity to reset and grow from what you have learned from the previous year.  Whatever the challenges you were given, take the lessons and be thankful for your newly acquired wisdom. Take the bad and understand it could have been worse. You also have an incentive to make things better because you have grown in perspective and experience. A better understanding, a stronger perspective. Everything that we look to get accomplished is possible when we are healthy and optimistic in our mindset. You can’t expect anything to transpire positive if you are already thinking negatively. One thing I have observed over and over is how most of us approach a new year with the mindset of elimination.

 With this immense aggression we begin to deplete people out of our lives by changing numbers and ignoring calls. Any means of carrying this out is done. I personally don’t take this approach but to each his own. The thing about that is that the challenge and problem is usually not those you deal with but it lies in you. People will eliminate others and replace them with the SAME type of person. Instead of carrying out this act of rash elimination they should have sat down and conducted a self-analysis. We often out-rule the possibility of the problem being right within our own person.  We resort to diverting the blame on others and carry a delusional state that we had no part in our own circumstances. Truthfully, we have made choices and decisions that have created a reality that we are left to accept and correct or allow to become our forever. 

You may be reading and saying what does this have to do with New Blessings? Well, you can block your own blessings by not being in a healthy space of your own. How can you accept a blessing if you are not able to accept yourself? It requires a lot to be centered, humble and mature enough to decipher and receive a blessing which is why our own self-investment is crucial.  When we have built up our own person we are fully capable of identifying, receiving and doing the right things with the blessing. If not, we may not even see it or be waiting for it, to come to us. You can be patiently waiting for that blessing that’s actually waiting for you to COME and GET IT. It may be right in front of you and you have chosen to ignore it because your deciphering is off and you are so cloudy that it has totally taken your judgment somewhere else. If you have ignored or not identified with your blessings just don’t feel slighted because they were passed on to someone that has done what you didn’t. So do everything in your power to be focused so that you do the right thing with your blessings.

POSITIONING is everything. I strongly believe that you must position yourself in order to receive blessings. Here are few things that will aid in that positioning; 

·        Place GOD FIRST.

·        Be Righteous.

·        Be Receptive.

·        Be Respectful.

·        Invest in the things that promote your growth and healthiness; spiritually, mentally, financially and holistically.

Keep in mind that if something is not helping you, I can assure you that it’s hurting you. I extend my sincerest blessings to you and hope that you attain all of what you desire all within means. Go out and have a great year full of prosperity ……. Be Bold and Be Blessed!

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