Wednesday, July 31, 2013



We are all chasing power and the acquisition of power gives us all the possibility of our desires being fulfilled.   Having power places us at a vantage point to manipulate and also create opportunities for ourselves. Some of us understand how to use what we possess to gain power. So are you wrong for using what you have to get what you want? Some of us may answer that question with “as long as it is within means.” Don’t you use your skill set, credentials and experience each time you’re applying for a job? Aren’t those things taken into consideration when that person on the other side of the table is interviewing you?  Let’s look at how the physical attributes of a woman can create and enhance her potential of gaining power.  For certain, her attractiveness and appeal can create opportunities for her and one asset if she’s equipped with it that will definitely give her power is……. the booty.  Is she wrong for using it? Whether she has one or not, every single woman on this planet knows that there’s power in the booty.  With that understanding if she doesn’t naturally have one, you better believe she’s working to purchase one. We are now living in a time of cosmetic surgery and augmentation so the booty is no longer a Black Woman thing but has become a universal thing. So that has placed other races and ethnicities in the race for who has the better booty.  Fake OR not….. Booty is power because it intrigues, controls, dictates and rules.  Booty is also EQUITY.
The physique of a woman has always been an important factor for BOTH a man and women. Men have always chosen to invest in what she physically possesses way before her other qualities. In turn, women have always in their subconscious state used their sexuality to garner leverage. As shallow as it may sound this is so real and you would have to be crazy not to understand the science of it all. It’s no secret that most humans are flesh-driven and choose to immediately invest in what they see on the surface which is why the booty will always be powerful. Whether naturally or cosmetically acquired, the booty will always command attention and open doors…..literally. Does she want the doors to open based on her physical possessions or what she can honestly bring to the table with other variables?  i.e.; wit, intelligence, accomplishments, accolades, credentials. Those of you that have the booty are probably doing everything in your power to gain power. With each step, you’re using it to get you something that you desire or lack by making it work for you in some kind of way.  Just keep in mind if that booty opens a door, you may have possibly diminished the other components you have to offer. Use what you have to get what you want as long as it is within means and not compromising what you truly represent!

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