Monday, January 30, 2012



  In this journey called life........ We all have different paths leading to different destinations. By taking either the high or low roads, we all cross paths in the process. By gathering experiences from each exchange, we have a choice to either take the lesson as a plus or become warped by making it a negative. Unfortunately, those that are damaged by their own experiences will make it their goal to harm anyone that they come in contact with—I introduce you to the Spiritual Vampires. Their sole intent is to destroy the spirits of those that are happy, stabilized and at peace. It's safe to say that their act of malice is embedded in their second nature. They drain every single drop of substance from their victims, leaving them empty with a wounded spirit. Due to making a decision wallow in their own misery they find an immediate sense of fulfillment in sharing that grief.

Ladies and Gentlemen—if this is not enough reason to be mindful and guarded of who you allow into your precious world, I don't know what to tell you. Yes, there are people in this world that are primarily here to sabotage what you work so hard to maintain and sustain within your spiritual wealth. Our spirits are constantly under attack, so it's important that you do everything to protect. We are most vulnerable in our comfort zones, by those that we least expect. Those vulnerabilities become a prime target and are manipulated by the access that we grant. It would be in our better judgment to remain on point and in tuned to our surroundings toward anyone that is not right. There are just too many people that thrive off of just being negative so I strongly suggest that you AVOID them by all means. Remember, practice and exert Self-Preservation so that you can protect your peace, energy and most of all your spirit!



  1. This is so wise and so, so true. I firmly believe that there are many people that are quite off balance, who love to see those of us –who are joyful in our lives and in our own skin –off balance. Yes,spirit vampires they are. They thrive on destabilizing others,and if one is directly "attacked" assertiveness and self-confident outrage is the silver bullet. It is well worth it to behave uncharacteristically outraged to fend off their spirit-sucking attack. thanks for a wonderful site!

  2. Thank you so much, Leigh..... I appreciate you visiting and taking the time to comment!

  3. Those are some very wise words, indeed. It's nice to see a site with a positive message.

  4. Lanie, I appreciate that very much and thank you for visiting.