Sunday, December 26, 2010

(Celebrity Hairstylist) Duane Moody Features on "LET IT BE KNOWN" Live

On November 4th 2010, Celebrity Hairstylist Duane Moody was a guest on LET IT BE KNOWN LIVE RADIO for our discussion " Through the Eyes of a Man..... A Single Father's Testimony." In sharing his own personal testimony it was a honest perspective from a man that is living as a single father.  Professionally, Duane is the personal hairstylist for comedian Tracy Morgan and can be found on the set of the award winning show "30 Rock".  He has also worked with countless others stars on both movie and video sets in the entertainment industry. As a single father to his son that he has had legal custody for since he was young after the untimely death of the mother. The show was very emotionally charged, touching and intense. All so often, we are all  coming accustomed to hearing a woman's side so this was definitely a good show and we thank Mr. Moody for taking the time to share his story. I want to emphatically say that any single parent that's left to handle the responsibility of raising a child on their own is saluted and respected.  


  1. At our hats are off to Duane Moody. As image consultants we know how time consuming his work can be!

  2. Yes William, he has done a great job at doing both........ thank you for your post!!!